by contessasophie 07 Dec 2014

Hi Cuties,

Can anyone advise me on which is the better thread for machine embroidery- Rayon or polyester?



by michemb 08 Dec 2014

I started with rayon and once I switched over to the polyester, I like it much better

by AuntAnnie 08 Dec 2014

I prefer poly since most of my projects are washable. Look here for some additional guidance and tips.

by dragonflyer 08 Dec 2014

I use mostly polyester...colorfast and can be bleached..I only have a few cones of rayon..I do lots of kid's stuff that get washed a lot! Polyester definitely holds up better...

by sdrise 08 Dec 2014

Both are fine but I found that Rayon will fade over time and washings and Poly keeps its color bright for years. Suzanne

by mrskiki 08 Dec 2014

Either are suitable for embroidery. Rayon is a bit shinier, but polyester can be bleached so is good for children's items. Give them both a try and decide for yourself which you (or perhaps your machine) prefer. Hugs. Nan W

by pacmp 07 Dec 2014

I use mostly Robison Anton threads and some Madiera. I use both poly and rayon with my HUS designer SE. I have no problem sewing with either of them but a factor to consider is Poly holds it's color where Rayon does not stand up to bleach. I have not noticed shrinking as another poster mentioned but would recommend Poly for any baby items that may be bleached or washed in hot water just to prevent color fading. I do like the rayons shimmer to their colors better though, so for wall hangings and things like that I still prefer the rayons colors.

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contessasophie by contessasophie 07 Dec 2014

Thanks for the info.

by hightechgrammy 07 Dec 2014

Hi, I sew on Brother machines, Big ones and little ones, and I like poly threads. I use both Floriani and Metro threads and they both do great. I stitched an FSL design one time in rayon and it shrunk. It may have just been me, or the design. I believe it is just a matter of preference!

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contessasophie by contessasophie 07 Dec 2014

Thank you.

by graceandham 07 Dec 2014

Ask your dealer what your machine brand sews best with. I sew on a Janome and it definitely prefers Robison Anton rayon.

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contessasophie by contessasophie 07 Dec 2014

Thank you.