by Janus48 03 Dec 2014

I noticed in another thread a discussion about making shopping bags to replace those plastic bags. This brings me to a question for you. I think those awful "K-cups" for coffee are about as bad if not worse. One K cup equals TWO bags in weight, and then if it's full of used coffee it gets thrown away....whereas before you could at least save the grounds and put them in your garden. And to top it all off I used to be able to buy nice freshly ground coffee by the 1/4 lb. if I wished. Now it's all in those $50.00 a pound!! Is anybody else bothered by these or am I the only one? My kids have offered to get me a keurig the last couple of Christmases and I said...emphatically NO! What say the rest of you??


by eyeztodiefor10 05 Dec 2014

Maurice and I each drink two different kinds of coffee so the K-Cups are perfect for us. We bought the plastic empty kcups at our drug store and refill them over and over. I save the grounds for the garden too. It seems to work better for us and it is cheaper to buy coffee by the bag than to buy the k cups.

by lbrow 04 Dec 2014

I have no use at all for the single cups. I make a pot of coffee every morning and when that is gone I make another. All pots made ofter 12 noon are decaf. Hot coffee or Hot tea is what I drink/Lillian

by AuntAnnie 04 Dec 2014

Hubby asked if I wanted a new Keurig for Christmas last year. I said "No." My approx. 23-year-old Gevalia 4-cup coffee maker still works great and is perfect for two mugs of coffee. It has travelled across the country with me twice and I won't part with it as long as it still works! I am not a big fan of these Keurig machines--especially for in-home use.

by evilsoft 04 Dec 2014

You can buy a small metallic K cup substitute to fill with your own coffee blend. It is an easy way to make a single cup if you don't like to either hold the end of the brew on the heat or re-heat it.

by sllakin 04 Dec 2014

Well we own a Keurig Vue, and love it, however we are tea drinkers and we just use it to heat the water and do not buy the little pods for tea or coffee that it uses. It is just the two of us but we like the VUE because of the various size cups you can use and it is great to do those instant packs of cream of wheat or oatmeal. We drink a lot of tea and do buy the tea bags but we also compost so no waste there. If we have company that drinks coffee we use a little gadget that a filter goes on and you add your own ground coffee to it and place it over the mug and then pour the hot water over the grounds - there again the grounds and filter get composted! It is funnel shaped - do not know what it is called but works just fine.

by asterixsew Moderator 04 Dec 2014

This is something that I have not heard of before so I googled it. I am in the UK and make my coffee from coffee grounds in a pot. I can buy as much or as little ground coffee as I wish and make it as strong or as week as I like. The above sounds expensive in the long run.

by mrskiki 04 Dec 2014

I love my Keurig as I only drink 2 cups of coffee a day. But I also have the reusable "cup" and use my own coffee. I agree that those little cups are very expensive. Hugs. Nan W

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by crafter2243 Moderator edited 03 Dec 2014

There is one company here in Calfornia that makes them with just a plastic ring and the rest is like a net material. Keurig sued them, but I think they won. I agree with you, that it is so much more expensive. I bought the plastic inserts that I can fill myself. I still grind my own beans and the used coffee grounds do end up in my garden. I do like my coffee fresh and since I am the only one drinking it I do like the convenience of making only one cup. I guess what I am trying to say is that there is a way around it.

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jrob by jrob 04 Dec 2014

I'm with you, Angie. I do it exactly the same way.

by gerryb 03 Dec 2014

I don't want one. However, you can get the little basket you use with your own coffee. Is handy for those that live alone. but at my house, hubby & I drink 3/4 of a pot a day of coffee! Look into the basket for one. Don't know about the price, but several friends use them to save money.

by Leaha 03 Dec 2014

None for me thank you. The price is pretty steep and I don't care for my coffee as strong, a friend uses her cups over, don't know what that does.