by suziequee 02 Dec 2014

Oh my! I just looked and see over 8260 flowers. Thanks ladies. I love flowers. Try to have some in the house all the time. Either fresh cut or plant. Right now my Christmas cactus is going crazy. Try to get a pic and post it. This is the purple one. Going to transplant when it quits blooming and put a bit of a white one right in the center. Love multi colored ones.


by 02kar Moderator 02 Dec 2014

Kudos to you for a healthy growing garden. We both share a love of multi-colored flowering Christmas cacti.

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suziequee by suziequee 03 Dec 2014

The most beautiful flower to me. And the more I love this one the better it looks. Had one years ago with 3 or maybe 4 different colors. Lord it was outstanding. Came home one afternoon and someone had stolen it. I cried.

by grossfamilie 02 Dec 2014

Oh, Suzie Q - maybe also 8300 flowers would be good for you?

but right now 8.293 :-)

Wishing you many more - Maria