by toet 02 Dec 2014

Hello cuties, as you know I love Christmas and start early in the year so there is no pressure. Like children I am counting how many more sleeps. Today my oncologist decided after going over the scans that I had done this morning to but me back on Chemo as the tablets have come to a standstill. The good news is because I have scans every three months the oncologist can see when my treatment needs to be changed. I feel good that they are keeping a close watch on me. I know that I will have unwell days so have decided to start after Christmas. My wig is made of real hair, so I only wear it on cooler days. There are some pretty funky ones in one of the stores. All different colours ranging from pinks, greens and many more. They look like glow in the dark ones that are worn at dances. Apparently there are patterns for caps on the internet designed for people having Chemo. I am going to try them out so if you see someone wearing a funny looking cap made out of patchwork fabric you will know it is me. I have decided not to hide away this time. They say happy people live longer. Now for the bad news my darling husband and the most of the crews has been retrenched so now he has found a position two hours further north. I am very fortunate that I have nice neighbours and my son only lives a few streets away, my daughters are also near by. My grandsons can take turns staying overnight if needed. Thankyou so much Chris for making me a lovely quilt last year, it is comforting to take with me to the hospital on Chemo days. The patchwork group that I go to is having our Christmas lunch tomorrow, so I am off to bed. lots of hugs Heather.


by olds 03 Dec 2014

Prays and Hugs are going your way. Keep a good attitude. I did Chemo
last winter. Lost hair Thanksgiving Day. Then we had an Ice Storm in
Jan. I had a wig that I wore 3 times. I made hats. I used a ski cap pattern
and made many in all sorts of knits. I made some out of cotton knit that
I slept in. I even made some out of sequine knit. A red one and a royal
blue. Even made flowers to match. I didn't do much embroidering
during Chemo. I did stay on the computer and followed Cuties and
enjoyed seeing all the projects that everyone shares. Take care and
check in here to let us know how you're doing. God's speedy cure.

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toet by toet 05 Dec 2014

Thankyou Maureen, have been cleaning out my files. I have found one of my cuties files, that should keep me busy for months. My fileing at that time was very so so.

by lidiad 03 Dec 2014

Prayers and hugs to you, dear Heather. Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a healthy and happy new year with your family.
Hugs, Lidia

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toet by toet 05 Dec 2014

Lidia I can feel the warmth of your Hugs, Heather

by marianb 03 Dec 2014

Heather you have never been out of our thoughts and hearts, good to hear you have your support team close by. Take care and be as happy as you can be, I'll be looking out for that lady in the patchwork cap.. Marian

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toet by toet 05 Dec 2014

Marian your support helps me more then you could ever know, thankyou Heather

by Leaha 02 Dec 2014

All I can do or say is add my prayers also. May God Bless you, guide you and keep you in the palm of His gentle Hand through this, you new adventure into life.

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toet by toet 05 Dec 2014

This week I shall make up some to do kits with help from some of my friends. It would be wonderful if you were here to help. Thanks

by pennifold 02 Dec 2014

Dearest Heather, I'm so glad you are close by to the family and friends. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you go back onto chemo. You are right happy people just exude life, love and joy and you are one of those dear people.

I just love those hats that "bowlds" has displayed below. I love the Purple ones particularly and I know a few others beside Carolyn love the colour purple too.

May you and your whole family be blessed this Christmas time and I'm so glad that you take your quilt with you when having the chemo. You can feel the love that went into making it and know that there are hundreds of women praying for you all over the world. Love and blessings Chris

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toet by toet 05 Dec 2014

Chris you always know how to lift my spirits, thankyou so much hugs and cuddles Heather

by bowlds 02 Dec 2014

When I went thru chemo, this was my favorite hat. I had several colors, brown looks like hair when you wear it! My friend made mine as I do not knit.
Good luck with your treatment.

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toet by toet 05 Dec 2014

Love the hats, tomorrow I will go shopping with a list. The purple one looks great. Hopefully I can buy the right wool in Australia. My sister's are good at most craft, I am sure they will help. hugs

by 02kar Moderator 02 Dec 2014

Heather, so sad to get this news now. But I have to smile thinking of you wearing interesting hats. Be brave and know on bad days all you need to do is post one word. Pray! We will know and double our prayers. Now you need to recruit everyone in your chemo group and the staff to wear fun hats too.

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toet by toet 05 Dec 2014

Yes that sounds like fun, two of my friends are having Chemo at the same time. I am sure we will be the noisy ones. Big Hugs

by noah 02 Dec 2014

oh Heather you are a brave dear soul .i ask our God in Jesus name to be with you and to bless you as you go through the bad days and make you shine on the good days hugs Carolyn

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toet by toet 05 Dec 2014

I am sure he must be testing me, I have been having a lot of back pain at night. Hot water bottles work well for me. My cup is always half full never half empty. Thankyou for your kindness. hugs Heather

by grandmamek 02 Dec 2014

Heather, I am sending hugs to you. May your Chemo treatments go well and do make you better. My prayers are being said for you. May you and your family enjoy the Christmas holidays. Hugs, Mary

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toet by toet 05 Dec 2014

Mary I can feel your prayers, you have brought tears to my eyes.

by lucy1234 02 Dec 2014

Hope all goes well for you and you enjoy a wonderful Christmas. Thoughts and prayers go with you.

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toet by toet 05 Dec 2014

Thankyou for thinking of me. hugs Heather

by camylow 02 Dec 2014

I have known a few ladies that took to the pink wigs..Proud to wear them...they were full of life and kept on going through the chemo...My prayer for you will be you don't get so ill it knocks you down...Your family is there to keep your smiles shinning...The LORD holds your hand every step of the way...your friends never leave you alone...Your Life is filled with the most imaginable memories to carry you through on rough days...May the Cuties stand with you and always be there for you..Hugs to you Heather....Prayers being sent along with the others. deanna

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toet by toet 05 Dec 2014

Gosh what can I say. I appreciate your thoughtfulness you have been a member of cute for a long time,and always find the time to give love and prayers to us that are in need. cuddles Heather

by sdrise 02 Dec 2014

Prayers all around for you all!

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toet by toet 05 Dec 2014

Thankyou so much, hugs

by cfidl 02 Dec 2014

Prayers that this round will be short and sweet and then done. God Bless.

by airyfairy 02 Dec 2014

I only have positive thoughts for you and will be thinking of you. Take care of yourself. Hugs Sarah

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toet by toet 05 Dec 2014

Sarah, even when you have your own troubles, you always find the time for others, thankyou so much.

by jrob Moderator 02 Dec 2014

Love to you Heather and prayers for a healthy happy New Year.

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toet by toet 05 Dec 2014

You are a special lady, thankyou so much, Heather

by awesome1 02 Dec 2014

toet, you just keep that spunk going and you will persevere. And maybe you should try one of those ''punk''wigs--it could open a whole new world for you. Imagine the attn you will get!

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toet by toet 05 Dec 2014

I hope that I will be as bright as the wigs. hugs