by free3wil 24 Nov 2014

I just recently bought a new emb machine with 5 x7 field..question: when i use a design for say monograms and it is wider than long, should i adjust how i place the hoop? Am I making myself clear? On my 4 x 4 machine, i just hooped it, but since i am working with wider space should i turn hoop sideways? Let me know if you understand my question, and i will ask it again...i confuse myself sometimes! LOL


by airyfairy 25 Nov 2014

Turn your design on to it's side.

by mops Moderator 24 Nov 2014

Turning your design and placing your project accordingly let you embroider names that are wider than 5" or border designs etc. i think I have made more embroideries that way than in the upright position.

mops by mops 24 Nov 2014

And I have made the occasional mistake of rotating a name 90 degrees to the right instead of to the left, so it was upside down on a towel :(

spendlove by spendlove 24 Nov 2014

Surely not!

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 25 Nov 2014

Been there. Done that too.

Patricia109 by Patricia109 25 Nov 2014

Very easy to do.

by haleymax 24 Nov 2014

I believe when you mark your center point on your material to be monogramed, then you will see where you need to place your hoop and how to turn your hoop for the best advantage. I do find if I am unsure of how the design will fit the area, I print it out. Then using chalk, I mark the outside letters on the back of the printout. Then when I place the printout onto the material to be monogramed I can rub the outside letters for a pattern of where I need the hoop to be.
Maybe I didn't confuse you with this explanation.
Hugs and happy embroidery.

by suziequee 24 Nov 2014

I would say either turn the design or the fabric. I've done it both ways. You might want to do a little test. I have just done enough to see if the design fits, not the whole design.

by crafter2243 Moderator 24 Nov 2014

I think if I understand you right you meant the design since the hoop can not be changed.
I think it depends on the placing of the fabric. What ever fits . Since your frame now is longer on one side you may want to flip your deign 90 degrees to make it fit better. Ha, ha I have a hard time too explaining it. Wait til Chris comes along she can do it in a picture version.

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free3wil by free3wil 25 Nov 2014

Thank you cuties...i knew I could depend on you all to answer my I said, I can confuse myself so very easy and truly appreciate you all. Thanks again!