by radmom 24 Nov 2014

Made a blanket for a friend's brother. He's expecting a new baby girl soon. My friend asked if I could add the poem, so I used one of the fonts in my digitizing program to create that. I think the fleece blanket came out pretty good, and they'll need it since they live in North Dakota!


by mehhouse 25 Nov 2014

The quilt is perfect. Love the colors and embroidery. It will be much appreciated in North Dakota. I lived in South Dakota for 8 years and it's cold there and even colder in ND. That polar vortex is horrid.


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radmom by radmom 25 Nov 2014

I've been thru both states, but never lived there. The colors are what were requested. I was so happy to find an elephant fleece fabric with the correct colors. Elephants were requested also.

by marianb 25 Nov 2014

Beautiful verse on a very nice blanket...

by stella1 25 Nov 2014

Very nice beautiful quilt.Loved the sayings on it .

by katydid 24 Nov 2014

Nice quilt!!

by baldacchino 24 Nov 2014

Beautiful well done Sherene x

by sonjapotgieter 24 Nov 2014

Adorable!!!!great work

by pennifold 24 Nov 2014

So pretty and warm looking too. Well done, love Chris

by robinbird 24 Nov 2014

This quilt you've done looks so adorable& sure to be used to cuddle that little one too. Thanks for sharing it. :~D

by pldc 24 Nov 2014

very pretty!~hugs~

by noah 24 Nov 2014

Excellent job hugs

by loosie 24 Nov 2014

Well done, this blanket is sure to be the baby's favorite :)

by karenalice 24 Nov 2014

This will be treasured for years to come. Great work.

by dragonflyer 24 Nov 2014

Wonderful job!

by highlandermom 24 Nov 2014

Beautiful work and very nice poem.

by 02kar Moderator 24 Nov 2014

The poem is beautiful. You did a wonderful job with this gift. It will be treasured.

by mysew1325 24 Nov 2014

this blanket is beautiful... great job.

by joannmeyer 24 Nov 2014

Love it! Great job!

by NancyBT10 24 Nov 2014

Love the blanket and the poem! You did a great job! What a wonderful "Welcome to the world" gift from obviously someone (you) with love and a gracious heart and that cares ;)

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radmom by radmom 25 Nov 2014

I've never actually met my friend's brother before, but thank you! I try to take care with special gifts, and this one I'm actually getting paid for. My kids are so proud of me for not giving my "work" away, as they say.