by mlbell70 22 Nov 2014

I have been searching online for several hours, trying to find a design for the top on a quilt label for my gd that wouldn't take up much space. What I have in mind would be a heart in the middle with 2 smaller hearts on either side with a swirl. Could someone direct me to such a design or simular look. Would be greatful for any advise.


by moyed 22 Nov 2014

mlbell, I can digitise this for you.
I have sent you a message with my email. Please check you inbox at the top of the page.
hugs Helen

mlbell70 by mlbell70 23 Nov 2014

Thank you for your kind response. I looked at my inbox above but don't see a red box with a message from you, not sure how to do this.

moyed by moyed 23 Nov 2014

You need to click on the word 'inbox' there should be a message.

mlbell70 by mlbell70 23 Nov 2014

I did try clicking on "inbox" but there isn't any new message showing there. Is there a chance it didn't load right?

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by babash edited 22 Nov 2014

Maybe you already have what you need. Have you considered putting a couple of designs together to get what you have in mind.

I had never thought of this but a Cutie who showed some lovely baby bibs and towels ( in Projects) does just that. The results are amazing. Her name is Michemb.

I have tried her idea and found it to be fun. And ended up with just what my mind wanted but I couldn't find.

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mlbell70 by mlbell70 23 Nov 2014

Thank you, but I don't seem to have the right designs to put it together and do not think I have the right program to do it. , Thanks Mary Lou