by toet 19 Nov 2014

Sorry to hear the cuties in Bundaberg Australia have had a bad storm yesterday loosing fences and trees. I hope no one has been hurt. My great niece had her first baby a boy amongst the drama, she is well, this makes me a great great auntie. hugs Heather


by dididwiar 19 Nov 2014

Congratulations to you and you family Heather. xx

by jrob Moderator 19 Nov 2014

Glad that your family is fine and expanding. Congratulations!

by Leaha 19 Nov 2014

Hope the folks in the path of the storm are all well, outside of being soggy. Congrats to all involved on the new addition, no one will be able to forget the details of his birthday.

by babash 19 Nov 2014

I am further down the coast than Bundaberg and I can tell you it was a big storm. Had my Sugar Cane mulch floating away. The storm water grate on the road looked like a water fountain as it was bubbling so high. The water couldn't get away fast enough.
We need rain but not that much that fast.
Glad to hear Niece and baby are doing well.

by dragonflyer 19 Nov 2014

Congratulations...hoping all survived the storm unscathed!

by pennifold 19 Nov 2014

Hi Heather, does this mean your sister is a great great grandmother? I too hope there have been no lives lost. We had a huge wind storm here on Sunday, love Chris

by toogie 19 Nov 2014

Babies sometimes come in the storms. We have hurricanes here (not now) but when we do the maternity wards are full. Glad all is well and congratulations, Great-Great Aunt Heather.

by marianb 19 Nov 2014

Congratulations to all your family on the birth.. I to hope everyone up North weathered the storm ok.. Marian/Sydney..

by sewist1 19 Nov 2014

Congratulations Great Aunt Heather!