by baydreamer 15 Nov 2014

I was asked if I could make an apron for a little 4 year old girl. So I played around with some designs and the apron pictured is the result. Now I just couldn't stop there , I decided why not make it reversible , and have a craft apron . The pocket designs are from JuJu , I did make some changes so you will not find the spoon applique in that . The cupcake was a freebie from somewhere. The applique C font is from Applique Planet . Links below.

Thanks for looking. Now I'm off to make some food.


by toogie 16 Nov 2014

Baydreamer, this is just the cutest little apron! That 4 year old is gonna have some nice play time.

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baydreamer by baydreamer 16 Nov 2014

thanks toogie!

by NancyBT10 16 Nov 2014

So cute and I love that it is reversible!

by zoefzoef 16 Nov 2014

great work !

by airyfairy 16 Nov 2014

What a fantastic job. It looks amazing.

by marianb 16 Nov 2014

A wonderful job, you can be very proud of your accomplishment

by teun 16 Nov 2014

Eine wunderschöne Schürze für eine kleine Prinzessin

by Shisha 16 Nov 2014

Oh this is soooo nice!!! I love it! Any little one (or big one) would love it!

by highlandermom 16 Nov 2014

Super nice work on this.

by lbrow 15 Nov 2014

I think it's really cute, nice work and great ideas/lillian

by dragonflyer 15 Nov 2014

Nicely done..

by babolucia 15 Nov 2014

How clever to make it reversible like this! I've made reversible aprons before, but not as nice as this. Love all the designs you used. The little girl is so lucky to get this!

by lhart 15 Nov 2014

How cute! What a lucky little girl.

by loosie 15 Nov 2014

Wow, this apron is fantastic, love the colors too :)

by pldc 15 Nov 2014

A delightful Apron!~hugs~

by 02kar Moderator 15 Nov 2014

Perfect apron for her. I hope she has many hours of fun with this beautiful apron.

by Leaha 15 Nov 2014

This little 4 yr old will be the prettiest one around with her apron. Great job.

by baldacchino 15 Nov 2014

Great Job Well done Sherene X

by babash 15 Nov 2014

That is so lovely. You did a great job.