by babolucia 14 Nov 2014

Embird 2012/2013 users, there's free update to Embird 2015. I just downloaded and installed mine.


by dilceia 13 Jan 2015


by cathiejones 21 Dec 2014

Thank you, good to know.
Merry Christmas

by lidiad 15 Nov 2014

I've done it a few days ago, when my Embird program advised me that an upgrade to 2015 was available, so I followed the prompts and downloaded and installed quickly and easily. The day after, another little upgrade was available as well. Loved how easy the upgrade has been.
Hugs, Lidia

by tlp22 14 Nov 2014

Yes and the easiest way to update is right through your embird.
Bring your Embird up.
Click on help then look down the list for online update...was the easiest update I have ever done. It takes a few minutes to do it's thing but, it does it all by itself. When it uploads it will tell you to click on your Embird symbol to get it's ducks all in a row and your DONE!!!! YIPPEE!!!
I have heard nightmares about updating and had a few too just to let all those shaking in their boots...This is an easy way.. Good stitching.

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babolucia by babolucia 14 Nov 2014

Mine was quite easy...took only 3 or 4 minutes, including restarting the computer. It's the only update I've had, so I have no experience of difficult updating.

Everything was pretty straightforward--just click a few buttons. My operating system is Windows 7.