by lhart 13 Nov 2014

This has been a week of doing Christmas (just because) gifts. I made my daughter this for her hair salon. It is an Emb. Lib. design over 100,000 stitches, 52 colour changes and 6 hours of embroidery. Phew, glad that's done!!! Can't wait to give it to her. After a break I think I had better start on the embroidered gifts....


by gerryvb 16 Nov 2014

wow, it's super for the hairsalon !!

by anitapatch 16 Nov 2014

Such a nice christmasdecoration. Well done

by zoefzoef 16 Nov 2014

Yes this is indeed a lot of stiches and quite a long time to sew; but the result is PERFECT ! Well done

by marianb 16 Nov 2014

I love these designs, I have the Mrs Claus Salon design haven't tried it yet.. Marian

by binekla 16 Nov 2014

soooo großartig!!! ganz toll!!
lg Bine

by Shisha 16 Nov 2014


by buffy1 14 Nov 2014

very cute

by bemara 14 Nov 2014

Wow, grandiose Arbeit, ich hoffe deine Tochter weiss die Arbeit zu schätzen, ein einmalig schönes Geschenk!

by yvh 14 Nov 2014

WOW! That is so cute - a great design for her shop. To be such a dense design and have no puckers is MAJOR KUDOs to you!

by connerj 14 Nov 2014

Really Beautiful. Great Work!!

by pennyhal2 14 Nov 2014

I don't think I have ever seen such a huge project before! You must have a fantastic machine to stitch this out so fast without problems. I'm in awe of this project!

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lhart by lhart 15 Nov 2014

I have a one needle Husqvarna Topaz 30 and determination to do the design I bought 1-2 yrs ago. Thanks for looking.

by maggiecal 14 Nov 2014

So perfect for her! And, egads what a lot of work!

by toogie 14 Nov 2014

Beautiful Santa... or he will be after his trim!-lol- Who doesn't love Santa, he's great in your stitching.

by radmom 14 Nov 2014

What dedication to make such a wonderful, thoughtful gift for your daughter! I'm sure she will get lots of compliments from her clientele!

by dragonflyer 14 Nov 2014

Pheeew is right! It is lovely!

by susiesembroidery 14 Nov 2014

It is beautiful!

by joansatx 14 Nov 2014

This is a wonderful gift and achievement!

by judyoake 14 Nov 2014

Lucky girl!! What a lot of work!! Amazing!!

by highlandermom 13 Nov 2014

I agree this is amazing. Your daughter will love this I am sure.

by loosie 13 Nov 2014

This is a great design :)

by baydreamer 13 Nov 2014

Wow, this is amazing! Well done

by pldc 13 Nov 2014

a beautiful gift of love!~hugs~

by Leaha 13 Nov 2014

This is really nice, she ought to love it for her business alone. It will advertize for you also.

by devon 13 Nov 2014

Wow love it great work!!

by 02kar Moderator 13 Nov 2014

I love the challenge of the big color intensive designs. Well done.

by pennifold 13 Nov 2014

Love it and I love the Emb Library designs, but they are really stitch intensive. I hope your daughter appreciates all the sewing time that went into this design. Love Chris

by sewilso 13 Nov 2014

Great job! It is very pretty!!!

by noah 13 Nov 2014

well you sound like me sewing longgggggg hours lol Hugs

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lhart by lhart 13 Nov 2014

Yes, I notice how many things you post and I figured I should be able to post some thing. I think you never sleep.