by freida 17 Jun 2008

Wow, the upgrades are great. Thank you for a much improved site. Freida A


by shirlener88 17 Jun 2008

Freida, welcome home - we have missed you and so happy that you enjoy the new changes and today - 'CUTE' hit number 1 - isn't that wonderful news?

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freida by freida 26 Jun 2008

Absolutely great! Nice to speak with you again. I had to get some things done around the house, yard and my sewing room is a upside down. My grandaughter is here this week. I am really enjoying her company and have been very busy.

by lbrow 17 Jun 2008

Where have U been freida? we r all excited about the changes & being #1 *4U

by letvia 17 Jun 2008

Welcome back Freida and enjoy the new look!!! Flower and XoXo