by sebsews 09 Nov 2014

My surgery went well. Tumor out, 3 lympth nodes out. I am bruised and sore but recovering well. The end of November I will start radiation. 5 days a week for 6 weeks. At this time I am not sure if Chemo will be needed. I am so very thankful to Cuties for their prayers and comforting words to me and for my husband. My surgeon has invented and patented a bra for post breast cancer patients. I have this bra and it is very comfortable. Bra has special pockets for drain tubes, if needed. For more information on this wonderful bra google Breast Cancer Bra Dr. Lea Blackwell. Again, thank you Cuties for your continuing prayers for us. Hugs, Suzanna


by cfidl 10 Nov 2014

I am so happy to hear your absolutely FANTASTIC news! Yeah! Keep it going girl! Happy Stitching!

by hightechgrammy 09 Nov 2014

What great news, Suzanna! May God continue to heal you and keep you smiling! Hugs, Jan

by graceandham 09 Nov 2014

Glad to hear this all. He must be a very caring doctor. Now prayers for Chemo! And continuing for husband.

by lucy1234 09 Nov 2014

Pleased surgery went well, hope the next phase goes very well.

by pldc 09 Nov 2014

wonderful news Suzanna. I am happy that your surgery has gone well & will thank our Lord too. ~hugs & continued support~

by clawton 09 Nov 2014

Good news. Hope all continues that way for you!

by Leaha 09 Nov 2014

Bless you and prayers will continue.

by jofrog2000 09 Nov 2014

Good news is always welcome.

by gerryvb 09 Nov 2014

wonderful the surgery went well, take care. hugs and prayers are coming your way )))

by KCowden 09 Nov 2014

Prayers for you and keep up the positive attitude!!!

by basketkase 09 Nov 2014

Hi Suzanna, thank you for letting us know how you are doing....will keep the prayers going for a quick and full recovery for you!!

by theduchess 09 Nov 2014

Suzanna, So glad to hear you are on the road to recovery. THINK POSITIVE. You'll do well. Prayers.

by dragonflyer 09 Nov 2014

Glad your surgery went well...hugs and prayers for a full recovery!

by susiesembroidery 09 Nov 2014

May you be blessed with good health and a complete recovery!!

by airyfairy 09 Nov 2014

Great to her your news. I wish you well in your recovery. Look after yourself. Hugs.

by sdrise 09 Nov 2014

Glad you went through OK and had good news. Prayers are still with you for a speedy recovery! Suzanne

by 02kar Moderator 09 Nov 2014

I am so happy for you and your good news. Remember we will be here with support and prayers every step of the way so keep us up to date on how you are feeling.

by toet 09 Nov 2014

Suzanna I am so pleased that all went well, be strong Hugs Heather.

by jrob Moderator 09 Nov 2014

Suzanna, happy to hear your news. My prayers continue for you and complete healing.

by olds 09 Nov 2014

Glad your surgery went well. Also good to hear about this bra. I had
surgery in Sept 2013. Started Chemo Nov. 14 2013 and radiation for
37 treatments in Jan. 2014. I never felted the radiation and on July 30
2014 I received the good news after Mammogram -No Cancer!
Keep your good Attitude and you'll get thru this! olds/Maureen

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pldc by pldc 09 Nov 2014

wonderful news for you Maureen!

by cherylgauteng 09 Nov 2014

So very glad that you are okay. Good luck for the radiotherapy. Try to be strong - which you are !!!!