by basketkase ( edited 05 Nov 2014 ) 05 Nov 2014

This is what I worked on today.......these will be freebies (they will not interfere with the alpha run) on my website...

The Turkey Head Applique will go up tonight and will run until the end of the month, then the first of December that one will come down and the Christmas design will run all of December.........hope you like them......Oh, the Turkey one has the hat and the wobble thingy as an applique..I used denim for his hat and some odd fabric I had for his clear up any confusion on his wobble thingy, here is a pic from my software of him without the applique fabric...


by KCowden 07 Nov 2014

Thank you so much!!! This is sew cute!!! Can use it for either my grandsons or granddaughters!!! I have to get started stitching...I'm so far behind everyone here, I'll never get caught up!!!

by toogie 06 Nov 2014

Here is my project with your turkey Vicki and just to let you know, I love it! "Thanks" for "giving" ! I almost outlined the white pilgrim hat in black, maybe the next one, I will.....Now I wonder what next months design will be? Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!-lol

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KCowden by KCowden 07 Nov 2014

How cute! Great job!!!!

by ablanton 06 Nov 2014

Thanks going to try this. I think its so cute

by dander163 06 Nov 2014

Thank you

by sonjapotgieter 06 Nov 2014

These are Stunning!!!!Great work....Lovely

by emanuille 06 Nov 2014


by dragonflyer 06 Nov 2014

Thanks, Vicki!!!

by gramsbear 06 Nov 2014

Thanx so very much!!! I know I will use him! have plans already, A baking mitt & pot holder set!!! Hugs, Judy

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basketkase by basketkase 06 Nov 2014


by wesihom 06 Nov 2014

Danke schön! Madeleine

by dalebugbowl 06 Nov 2014

Thank you!

by outback43 06 Nov 2014

Thank you ,he's a cutie*

by sdrise 06 Nov 2014

Thank you!! Very cute!!

by modo 06 Nov 2014


by marianb 06 Nov 2014

For a Turkey he's real cute, we mainly have Turkey here at Christmas.. thank you for the designs they are appreciated.. Marian

by sewntrouble 06 Nov 2014

Love the turkey head. Will have to come up with a project for my front door using this design. Thank you!

by pennifold 06 Nov 2014

He looks fabulous, you are so clever. Love Chris

by glynnis 06 Nov 2014

Thank you so much!!

by gerryb 05 Nov 2014

Thank you!!!

by lindaavolio 05 Nov 2014

SUPER CUTE ! ! ! !

Thank you

by lindaavolio 05 Nov 2014

SUPER CUTE ! ! ! !

Thank you

by sheilara45 05 Nov 2014

Thank you for your generousity Vicki. Love the turkey.

by toogie 05 Nov 2014

Thank you Vicki for your generousity and this turkey with the pilgrim hat! I was looking today in my files, for the rocking horse you gave us in DBC. I made a burp cloth before, with this rocking horse design, and want to use it again. I couldn't find a photo of the burpie,( can you believe it?) but I bet I take one this time.-lol- thanks again.. Looks like this guy may not be on my table soon, but Miss Avery gets a new bib! Show you soon.-Toogie

by Leaha 05 Nov 2014

This is great, all he needs now is a sign that says ' Turkey went that way...---->' or 'Eat Ham!' hahahahahahaha

by devon 05 Nov 2014

I love them both great work and thank you so much.

by sewdeb 05 Nov 2014

Oh, vicki, he's adorable! Thanks so very much!

by 02kar Moderator 05 Nov 2014

Fun design. He looks perfect for potholders.

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graceandham by graceandham 05 Nov 2014

Great idea!

by pldc 05 Nov 2014

SUPER CUTE & PERFECT FOR ALL THE HOLIDAYS! we eat turkey for all of them & ham too lol! Thanks for sharing. ~hugs~

by noah 05 Nov 2014

Looking Good i love my Day to be blessed ok Question is he crying or sticking his tongue out???Something is over the bow???Sorry to be so dumb??lol

bevintex by bevintex 05 Nov 2014

With Thanksgiving coming up he may just be crying but it is his wattle or as Vicki says 'wobble thingy" lol

basketkase by basketkase 05 Nov 2014

Nope that is his wobble gobble thingy and it is appliqued...I should have used a plain color fabric on it.....

noah by noah 05 Nov 2014

Ah now i get it Sorry :):)But i do love thee old boy and you to:):)hugs