by rsehorse 05 Nov 2014

Been trying to upload a picture with no luck. Is anyone else experiencing problems? Susan


by rescuer Moderator 10 Nov 2014

I am re-posting the instructions for Compatibility View here. Let us know here if this solved your issue.
Please send the moderators a PM if this does not solve your issue as we would love to help you show us all your Projects. They can be such an inspiration to all Cuties.

Fix most site photo upload problems with Compatibility View:

Open Internet Explorer and at the top right you will find tools (looks like a gear).

Tap or click the Tools button Tools, and then tap or click Compatibility View settings.
Under Add this website, enter the to the list, and then tap or click Add.

by rescuer Moderator 09 Nov 2014

I brought an older post back ttt.
Scroll down a bit at the link to see if it will correct the issue on your computer too.
If not I use Chrome without issues.

by babash 09 Nov 2014

Yes I am having trouble as well. It just goes into thinking mode.

by loosie 09 Nov 2014

I had trouble too and rescuer helped me out. Link below :)

by bowlds 09 Nov 2014

I have had to use Firefox to upload pictures instead of Internet Explorer. I used to be able to use IE, but can't anymore.

by cherylgauteng 08 Nov 2014

I have tried several times. Now I have given up.

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rsehorse by rsehorse 08 Nov 2014

I have been trying for days. Can't upload anything. Never had this problem before. I'm still embroidering Cuties just can't show you what I'm doing. hugs to all, Susan