by sissibrode 31 Oct 2014

Hi Cuties, my dear friends !!!

Sad news : My son and his girlfriend split up... (these are the parents of my first grand-son 2 1/2 years old)...

They bought their house last year and will have to sell ...

and what will become of my grandson ???

My son is devastated, we also...

I can only cry for the moment...

I missed you !!! Hugs and love



by gerryvb 05 Nov 2014

So sorry for you and all that are involved.
Hope your grandson will be allowed to grow up and see both : his mom and his dad, and the grandparents like before they split up.
But it's always a sad situation in special for a child that age that probably don't understand why the situation is changing. But when both love him and are able to show this love, perhaps it's better this way, when the parents cannot live together anymore and the boy will have to live with arguing and fighting parents ....that's even worse I suppose. Hope you DIL will understand the boy needs his dad and his grandparents !
Hugs/love and prayers, Gerry

by debswebster 01 Nov 2014

So sorry, thinking of you. I hope you have a good relationship with the mother of your GS. What a shame they have to sell their home too. Sometimes it seems that making a commitment to marriage helps make a lasting relationship. Hugs to you.

by grossfamilie 01 Nov 2014

Oh how sad, dear Sissi! Hopefully they get together again for the sake of the little grandson! ...and maybe Christmas the situation may have
changed to the good again. We only can hope and pray but it is so
difficult for a mother's heart. Keep strong!

by crafter2243 Moderator 01 Nov 2014

I am so sad with you. It seems that in a situation like that family members and friends also split up. I hope for you that everyone will stay civil and you will continue to be able to see your grandson

by airyfairy 01 Nov 2014

I am so very sorry but these things happen. As long as your GS grows up with parents who love him. I feel for you as my youngest daughter is a single parent.

by gerryb 01 Nov 2014

Sissi, I am so sorry! But pray the mother will allow you to remain a part of the little fellow's life!

by cfidl 31 Oct 2014

The situation is very sad. All you can do is love them (son, GS and DIL) through it, Prayers that all works out for the best for your grand son.

by jrob Moderator 31 Oct 2014

Oh, Sissi, I'm so very sorry. How devastating that is for your and your son. I pray that you will all find a way to stay in the baby's life, poor little guy.

by sewilso 31 Oct 2014

I feel your pain, my youngest son and his wife departed after 10 years and three grandies, she has since remarried. We do remain on good terms and thank God, while we don't get to see them as much as we used to, I do get to see lots of pictures, she's very good to send cards on special occasions. She has moved to the next state over, and my son gets them a few weekends during the summer months. I hope and pray your grandson's mom will stay on good terms with you too, God bless!

by graceandham 31 Oct 2014

Devastating I know, but "this too shall pass." Tell your son that in a couple of years he will see it as a bad bump in the road. Healing will come with time and thoughtfulness.

by shirley124 31 Oct 2014

Prayers are with you. It is so sad when this happens. Hugs

by babash 31 Oct 2014

The hardest thing in times like these is to stay neutral. As a Mothers instinct is to side with her child.
As we say here bite your tongue as don't say anything that will put you off side with the Mother of your grandchild.
It is hard I know from experience but worth it in the end.
You have been part of your grandsons life and I pray you will be able to continue to be.

by pennifold 31 Oct 2014

Dear Sissi, my heart goes out to you. Any break up of family is very heart-breaking and I pray that things will settle down soon for all concerned. I agree with all the comments previously posted about keeping a good relationship with the mother. It's always the children who suffer most in these situations. Keep strong Sissi, love Chris

by pldc 31 Oct 2014

I too am saddened by this news! All I can say is leave it all in God's Hands. Prayers said for all concerned!~hugs~

by loosie 31 Oct 2014

I'm sorry to hear this. Time is a great healer. The best thing is to stay in touch with your daughter in-law.
We have a saying in our family once a Smith always a Smith. She will always be a daughter in-law.
Hope they find a way back togethe

by suziequee 31 Oct 2014

Horrible. And you could wind up with the worst of this. Just be quiet and let them work it out or NOT. I know he is your son, but you also have to worry about his son. Try to at least for the time being stay neutral. Good luck.

by suelyn7 31 Oct 2014

I am so sorry to hear this, I pray that you all reach an amicable resolution that suits everyone. Hugs to you all xx

by asterixsew Moderator 31 Oct 2014

Sissi I am sorry to hear your news. Sometimes life is very difficult but time is a great healer. Positive thoughts being sent your way

by dragonflyer 31 Oct 2014

So, so sorry to hear this...I am so hoping things will work out with your grandson...very sad indeed...

by sewmom 31 Oct 2014

I'm very sorry. It's hard to watch our children go through life's disappointments and mistakes.

by grandmamek 31 Oct 2014

So sorry to hear of your bad news. It is hard on the entire family. I hope all works out for all who are involved especially the young grandson. I hope you can stay in touch with him. Hugs, Mary

by katydid 31 Oct 2014

Very sad news. I am sorry for you. Perhaps your son should see an attorney as do his rights since they were not married. She may wind up taking him to court for child support. That is another reason to see an attorney. Keep us posted as we care. Kay

by dailylaundry 31 Oct 2014

Bless your heart - I know you are hurting - I would try to keep a good relationship with grandson's mom (as hard as that might be). I am sooo sorry!!! Hugs to you and your family! Laura*

by cherylgauteng 31 Oct 2014

So Sorry to read this. Maybe you can try NOW to make a good contact type relationship with her so that you can try to keep contact with your grandson. There is not much that grandparents can do in this situation except keep in touch and see them both (child and mother). What else can you do in these circumstances ???????? It is so upsetting but the child suffers the most. Hope that this sorts itself out without too much heartbreak for everyone. So sad ..........

by rescuer Moderator 31 Oct 2014

I am so sorry. This is very sad news. I will pray for you all and hope that your grandchild will be OK.

by Leaha 31 Oct 2014

Sorry to hear of your sad news, am sure this is extremely hard on everyone involved. Will add prayers for this situation to the list.