by ansalu 29 Oct 2014

29.10.14 searching a design of a wedding couple with a child. I have a lot of couples but never seen one with a child. This is not so seldom today so that I thought that there must be one anywhere. Any ideas pleas?

Greetings, Bettina


by rescuer Moderator 29 Oct 2014

I spent some time today, while I working on another computer, searching for you. I did not find any designs that would work. I tried using words like "blended" and "children" in my search. I wonder if one exists. You are right -- they are more common now so one might think they might exist someplace.

by powagrl 29 Oct 2014

There is a set of designs on SewForum called Cute Wedding Party-bride, bridegroom flower girl and More. They are rather child-like but maybe you could combine 2 designs for what you are looking for.

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powagrl by powagrl 29 Oct 2014

Be sure to look on both page 1 & page 2 for the various designs.

by jrob Moderator 29 Oct 2014

I can't remember having ever seen one. It is more common-place these days.

by shilly 29 Oct 2014

Depends on how serious an embroidery you need, youcould possibly use paper dolls and dress them up, this could work for a card...

by babash 29 Oct 2014

No I have never seen what you are looking for but you could combine 2 designs to make one if you find a suitable match.

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ansalu by ansalu 29 Oct 2014

It's just a little difficult to find a wedding couple and a child in the same style and size :-)

by asterixsew Moderator 29 Oct 2014

No ideas at all but great to see you here