by clawton 25 Oct 2014

I finally got to try out my new metal (magnetic 180x130 mm) hoop from Viking. I'm loving it. I'm quilting a quilt for Project Linus with hearts. I just leave the hoop connected and move the quilt! Can't wait to use it for an embroidery project. It didn't take long to get the knack of aligning the fabric. I didn't have a 5x7 hoop so this worked out well. Used a 30% coupon and it was worth the price. This hoop was cheaper than the regular 5x7 hoop so I thought why not try it!!!


by katydid 29 Oct 2014

Glad it is working for you. If there is room and out of the way of the needle hitting it, insert small straight pins to the stabilizer so the quilt won't shift if the magnets loose contact with the metal underneath. You can always remove the pins each time you move the quilt. You may not even be using stabilizer. My frame came loose once when I removed the hoop to trim an applique design and the rest of the design was off a bit. I suppose quilting would not need to be as precise. Kay

by mops Moderator 29 Oct 2014

I am glad you like it. I bought mine a couple of months ago and love it. Only thing is when cutting jumps on the go the magnets attract and often catch the scissors when I am not careful. Today I added first name and telephone number to the unwieldy, large bag that holds my GD's ice hockey gear and thanks to the magnets nothing shifted and it stitched out beautifully.

by pennyhal2 26 Oct 2014

Ok. I'm jealous.

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clawton by clawton 26 Oct 2014

It is always a good thing when things work out.

by lidiad 26 Oct 2014

That's interesting, thank you! Do they have magnetic hoops for large sizes as well?
Hugs, Lidia

clawton by clawton 26 Oct 2014

Right now this is the only size it comes in.

lidiad by lidiad 27 Oct 2014

Thank you.
Hugs, Lidia

by snowbird42 26 Oct 2014

wow this would take a lot of hassles out of quilting wish brother had one....soozie

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clawton by clawton 26 Oct 2014

It really makes it easier but the size is limited.

by marianb 26 Oct 2014

I wish Janome had the magnetic frames, I'm envious.. enjoy

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clawton by clawton 26 Oct 2014


by crafter2243 Moderator 25 Oct 2014

Sounds as if the magnet is strong enough for the quilt. Sure makes things a bit easier.

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clawton by clawton 26 Oct 2014

The magnets are really strong. I was surprised how well it held.

by jrob Moderator 25 Oct 2014

Why not indeed! Sounds like it is working very well for you.

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clawton by clawton 26 Oct 2014

Yes, I was really pleased.