by babolucia 17 Oct 2014

8clawsandapaw one-month subscription is back for 49.95 dollars, sale ending October 26 . Unlimited access to all fonts and font frames in all formats (greek fonts excluded). They have all the fonts in BX format now.

You have to put every font you want in the shopping cart and check out within one month and you can download them anytime you want.

They will have a CD later for maybe 79.95(Last year's price). That saves you putting everything in cart and downloading them, but you only get one format. last year, the 2013 fonts were not included in the CD. Don't know about this year weather they will include 2014 fonts.


by sdrise 18 Oct 2014

Thank You!!

by 02kar Moderator 18 Oct 2014

Thanks I had taken advantage of this offer a while ago. It is worth paying for this. Their fonts are well done and you get a LOT of fonts.

by graceandham 17 Oct 2014

Thanks. Good information.