by dee 15 Oct 2014

Here are 4 Downton Abbey jelly roll quilts I just finished

#1 Dowager Countess
#2 Lady Sybil
#3 Lady Edith
#4 Lady Mary


by katydid 16 Oct 2014

I loved the Downton Abbey series and great quilts. I must admit that I had never seen the word Dowager until this series. In America, I think we would had described her as a wealthy widow as we don't have titles to inherit.

by Leaha 16 Oct 2014

Beautiful. :-)

by brendalea 16 Oct 2014

Nice Job. Happy Stitching

by sonjapotgieter 16 Oct 2014

They are All Stunning...You did a great job!!!!

by oaro 16 Oct 2014

very nice

by spendlove Moderator 16 Oct 2014

They look lovely on your sofa!

by jrob Moderator 16 Oct 2014

I may very well be the only person here who doesn't watch Downton Abby, but I do still love your quilts. They are beautiful, all!

by pldc 16 Oct 2014

they all look wonderful & aren't they just so much fun to make! ~hugs~

by connerj 16 Oct 2014

Lovely - great color combinations.

by marianb 16 Oct 2014

Well done! Love all the colour ways..

by sewilso 16 Oct 2014

These are all so pretty!!! Nice to have a friend that does the finish work, that is great!

by dee 16 Oct 2014

Thanks everyone. I am trying to do another design quilt now. I have a time holding the template when rotary cutting. I buy a lot of fabric already cut into jelly rolls, charm packs and 10" squares. It Is hard for me to cut that many to make a throw or quilt big enough for a bed.

by RockyB 16 Oct 2014

Very pretty!

by muflotex edited 16 Oct 2014

very pretty quilts and lovely quilting on each, longarm or your embroidery machine?

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dee by dee 16 Oct 2014

Thanks. My friend quilts them for me on her large quilting machine. I sew all the strips together. She even puts the binding on for me. My arthritic hands cause problems.

by loosie 16 Oct 2014

Wow, I love the last one, it would go well in my bedroom!

by Wendyy 15 Oct 2014

These are very pretty. Thank you for sharing.

by highlandermom 15 Oct 2014

Very lovely all of them. Especially the one has my name to it.

by basketkase 15 Oct 2014

I so admire you quilters.....these are gorgeous....great work!

by noah 15 Oct 2014

Al ot of people like these and now i see why.
There Awesome well done hugs

by lbrow 15 Oct 2014

Magnificient!! Each a jewel. Great work/lillian

by jofrog2000 15 Oct 2014

4! Wow, each one so nice. Good work.