by rgotter 12 Oct 2014

I completed a goal that I set for myself this summer.

To recover the cushions and paint a set of patio furniture I found at an estate sale 2 yrs ago! I started out trying to recreate the cushions as they were originally with zipper closures but as the zippers started to fall apart - I left out the zipper and sewed the covers closed. I have 2 matching chairs so I made a total of 10 cushion covers. I'm happy how they turned out since I have NEVER thought I could do something like this. I also made the deer applique pillow with raggy edges (design from Rivermill Embroidery).


by katydid 10 Jan 2016

Looks great! Don't you feel good about saving all that money to have it prof done. you knew you could do it!!! Kay

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katydid by katydid 11 Jan 2016

Wow, i did not see the date.

by peafarm 10 Jan 2016

So beautiful!

by sjbrower 10 Jan 2016

This post is from over a year ago and this project is gorgeous! What a beautiful reupholstery job.... I love the colors and the pillow embroidery!

I'm out here poking around looking for a post that a cutie did of a pillow with a dinosaur from UT on it. Along the way, I'm having a wonderful time looking at everyone's projects from years past, and learning of the value of tagging our project submissions. I asked and learned that you can go back and tag your projects (see Q/A section for how-to and thank you rescuer for the nudge!)

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rescuer by rescuer 10 Jan 2016

I am happy you found what you needed in the Q&A section. There is a lot of information there on how to navigate this website.

by lbrow 13 Oct 2014

My dear that was quite a goal you set for yourself and congratulations you achieved your goal and did a wonderful job. A++ for you/Lillian

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rgotter by rgotter 14 Oct 2014

Thank you.

by devon 13 Oct 2014

WOW great job love it!!!

by highlandermom 13 Oct 2014

Very nice

by graceandham 13 Oct 2014

Wheet - whew! That's my whistle!

by pldc 13 Oct 2014

GOOD FOR YOU! You did a very lovely job on everything here! A wonderful designer upcycle! ~hugs~

by designgirl 13 Oct 2014

They look great,

by dordonc 13 Oct 2014

you did a very good job they look new

by airyfairy 13 Oct 2014

Brilliant, brilliant job. Just love the design.

by lidiad 13 Oct 2014

You have done a great job!
Hugs, Lidia

by sewilso 13 Oct 2014

It is stunning!!! Great job, and I love the raggy design!

by marianb 13 Oct 2014

Great job, love the fabric choice very calming, your deer pillow is very cute.. enjoy.. Marian

by killiecrankie 13 Oct 2014

Nice fabric.Over the years I have recovered cushions from out door settings ,lounges etc & always cut up the covering of what what I'm going to recover to use as a pattern,it makes the job a lot easier.
If you need new foam for the cushions I found that the local upholsters will give you the cushions from lounges that they are re-upholstering for free,it saves on tip fees.Use a large knife to cut the foam to size.Our animals have nice beds made from this foam.

marianb by marianb 13 Oct 2014

thanks for the tip never thought to ask the local upholster

rgotter by rgotter 14 Oct 2014

Thanks for the information. Now to find an upholster in my area - the one that I did know of closed shop.

by toogie 13 Oct 2014

You never know what you can do, if you never try. This job looks great and I love the deer pillow too. It is the finishing touch to this outdoor area.This is a pretty place, looks like a lake or water, in the background.

by scrappinhappie 12 Oct 2014

I love the fabric you used, you did a great job and the pattern in the fabric complements the ironwork on the furniture nicely.

by loosie 12 Oct 2014

Looks great! All you need now is some lemonade and some soothing music!

by Leaha 12 Oct 2014

Very impressive workmanship. Glad you met your goals. :-)

by noah 12 Oct 2014

looks very well made :);)You did an excellent job hugs