by anssmile 12 Oct 2014

Hi all Cuties

Well, we finally moved to a new apartment and I LOVE it! It is very similar to the one we had, just a wee bit smaller, but so much cooler in summer and it is a loose standing groundfloor apartment with a loft. It is once again in a security complex, quiet, away from the busy roads, with LOTS of trees.

And yes, no neighbours on top or below that can get iiritated when we do things late at night or early in the morning! What a pleasure.

I need trees in my life - they relax me.

The drawback is each apartment is allowed only one pet - I have 3. Two cats and a bird. At the moment I am counting -1, 0, 1 which will give you only one animal. But I live in constant fear to be apprehended about the way I get to one animal.

I was really hating the hours I had to work (even when moving). I was working from 8am to 7 or 8pm at night with no break at all, and then I had to pack to move. It was not fun. And I had to pack until the early hours of the morning, which upset the neighbours, even if I was trying to be as quiet as a mouse.

After our move (we were lucky to be able to move on the last Sunday of September) my son insisted on having everything unpacked and put away within a few days, while working the same horrible hours. You can't imagine how tired I was, having slept 6 hours in total in 4 or 5 days. (a little more than 2 hours per day)

Well, God decided to take a hand, although in a very drastic way. While on my way home from work (I walked to check out public transport to our new apartment) an irresponsible speeding driver knocked me over when turning into the entrance to another apartment complex and threw me quite a few feet before I landed with a bang.

It was a strange feeling - the one minute I was walking home, the next I was lying on the tar. I am sure I must have blacked out for a bit, for I can only remember walking, and then excruciating pain while lying on the tar.

This happened on the 2nd of October, and landed me in hospital for close to a week. So I could rest a bit after the exhausting move, if you could ignore the concussion and pain!

Of course the internet was switched off before we moved, and we had fun switching it on again in the new apartment. I thought it would take one or two days, it took almost 2 weeks. But we are finally on internet again.

Now we get to the important part: Please, I need your prayers again. Even though no bones were broken (thank the Lord) my leg was badly injured and no ordinary surgeon or orthopedic surgeon can fix it. I was referred to a good plastic surgeon, because a very specialized operation is needed to fix my leg. I see him on Monday. (tomorrow)

In the meantime I have a soccer ball protruding from the side of my leg, just under my hip, and I can neither sit or lie on it. I am also only allowed to walk to the kitchen or bathroom. This soccer ball is right where you sit. So sitting is out of the question.

The positive side is I can not go back to work till it is fixed, the negative side is they won't pay me if I am not working and I need the money. It is a very small business, and they will have to appoint someone else if I am off for too long.

In the meantime I do webdesign, and will try to sell two sites Monday and Tuesday. (Being off work means I have time for webdesign...)

Your prayers for a new job for my son had mixed results - he still does not want to move, but is now trying his hand at freelancing while keeping his old job. He is helping me with the website I want to sell on Monday - it is the second time we go to see these people, they really seem interested. I do the pretty design, he does the brainy part. Another 2 sites are almost finished. I design them first, then go to the people I think have a need for a new site, and show them the finished design. So far it works like a charm.

So please pray that I can sell these sites, because then I can stop worrying about money for my medical aid, and pray that the plastic surgeon can help me. Aparently it takes months for an injury like this to heal...

Good luck and best wishes to you all, those that need it are still in my prayers!

PS: Miss you all, and I am once again refused permission to embroider or digitize. I think he is jealous of my machines.... But this issue will be solved once I can sell enoufg websites.


by 02kar Moderator 12 Oct 2014

<y goodness you have had a very hard time of it lately. My prayers are added to a quick and successful recover and for your new business to become financially sound. Keep us informed.

by anssmile 12 Oct 2014

Oh, I forgot to say - groundfloor means no stairs to climb up and down every day! We lost our view, but the coolness and NO STAIRS make up for that!

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marianb by marianb 12 Oct 2014

It sounds like you have had an exhausting time lately.. do hope the surgeon can fix everything for you.. sending good vib's your way for everything to go right as it should