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by babolucia ( edited 10 Nov 2014 ) 11 Oct 2014

Update: I found the website

Maybe someone can help me find a site. I came across it last year reading an E-magazine about some best embroidery designs of the year. One of the categories was in-the-hoop projects. So I tracked it down and found the site--didn't bookmark it!

Anyway, the site has many bag designs and each bag comes with different stitches (to embellish, for example, as the topstitching for the zippers). For each stitch, you need to make a separate purchase. It's like 16 dollars each.

Does anyone know about this site? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!


by asterixsew Moderator 10 Nov 2014

Thanks for letting us know that you have found the site. It has some great designs so thanks also for sharing the link

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babolucia by babolucia 12 Nov 2014

You are welcome!

by Leaha 10 Nov 2014

Great to know that your quest ended in success!

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babolucia by babolucia 10 Nov 2014

Thank you! I googled again searching "ith project of the year Stitches Magazine" and found the name of the website familiar.

by babolucia 10 Nov 2014

I found it! It's the website for the group mom of Embird 101 and Absolutely Embird. I was in those two groups and visited her website when someone congratulated her on winning a competition of Digitizing in-the-hoop projects.

I've disabled the email from those two groups and forgot about how I ran into her website!

by rescuer Moderator 11 Oct 2014

Have you looked at your internet history to see if you can find the site that way? Just look at the day you found the site. Good luck!

babolucia by babolucia 11 Oct 2014

Thank you, but it's over a year ago...

rescuer by rescuer 11 Oct 2014

Sorry, I missed that bit. Reading from my phone is my excuse...

by cherylgauteng 11 Oct 2014

Sorry - I have no idea but will put your message back to the top.

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babolucia by babolucia 11 Oct 2014

thank you