by tonilee 10 Oct 2014

I have always stayed clear of counted cross stich because I kept wondering if you use a different fabric for counted cross stich, for example would kona cotton be a good choice? thank you Toni lee


by tonilee 10 Oct 2014

one and all thank you I have got a few pretty designs and now time to get started, thank you again hugs Toni lee

by jofrog2000 10 Oct 2014

I'll add that Kona cotton is what I use to embroider on for quilts, and have done all kinds of designs. It's a nice, even weave and good weight.

by mops Moderator 10 Oct 2014

I agree with spendlove, you can stitch ME cross stitch designs on anything. The roses are done on guest towels, the pincushion on even fine weave linen. Although I like the latter best, the towels don't look bad either. The bookmark on the left is done by hand, the one on the right is done by machine and you can hardly see the difference.
All ME designs are mine, the one done by hand was a Swedish design, by Eva Rosenstrand.

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tonilee by tonilee 10 Oct 2014

your work is beautiful, when I was very young I tried to do some pillow cases, now I'll do it on the machine, I'm pretty sure it will be better then when I was sixteen hugs and thank you for the inspiration.

by bevintex 10 Oct 2014

if machine embroidery cross stitch is what you mean then yes,you can use any fabric

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by spendlove Moderator edited 10 Oct 2014

If you mean hand cross stitch - you can do it on any fabric with an even (visible) weave. The easy was is to use Aida cloth which is woven in little blocks, but traditionally it was done on linen with 28 - 32 threads per inch.

If you mean cross stitch designs with your embroidery machine, you can use any fabric, but again, they will look best on an evenweave fabric.
I'm not familiar with kona cotton.

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graceandham by graceandham 10 Oct 2014

And the hand type is for young eyes. I did a lot of it, but eventually had to give up the tiny count fabric (22? 24?)