by Dodi2012 04 Oct 2014

Maybe someone can give me some advice. I have an alphabet in cross stitch for hand embroidery. How can I convert that into a machine embroidery?

Vielleicht kann mir jemand einen Rat geben. Ich habe eine Alphabet in Kreuzstich für Handsticken. Wie kann ich das in ein MAschinenstickmotiv umwandeln?


by mops Moderator 04 Oct 2014

You'll need the light software (module) to do that. I used 3D Cross stitcher in the past and now the 5D or 6D cross stitch module. Embird has a cross stitch module too. And I think Brother and Bernina s.w. offer the same sort of options.
It is easy as can be, nothing like digitising other designs, just colouring the grid - which literally takes minutes to do.

mops by mops 05 Oct 2014

oops - light should be Right

Dodi2012 by Dodi2012 07 Oct 2014

Thank you for your answere.