by toet 03 Oct 2014

Gosh my feet are up like big balloons. Does anyone have any suggestions, they are starting to get very sore. Today I cut out a frog appliqué quilt for my grandson to cuddle, he is almost two. Did not realise how swollen my feet were till I had my shower tonight. Had some really good news this week my tumours have shrunk with the new chemo and hormone tablets. My hair hasn't fallen out, not shore how long they will keep me on it. Two months ago the scans had shown that the cancer was now in my brain, I cried for days. It has almost disappeared now, with only traces of it there and the ones in my lungs have also shrunk. So please take heart the treatment now is much better then it was a few years ago. hugs Heather


by bevintex 09 Oct 2014

ask your Dr about a Sequential Compression Device, I have one and it does work.

by Patricia109 09 Oct 2014

Adding celery or celery seeds to your diet will help clear the fluid from your body, not all of it, if it is too far advanced. Drink lots of water too to help flush the sitting/retained water out.
And keep moving. Jiggle your feet while sitting at your craft. Those people who jiggle the chairs in waiting rooms that annoys everyone are really doing the right thing for their bodies.
Been fighting this problem for some years so know what it is like.

by wintersjen 08 Oct 2014

get your feet up ,lay with your feet up. like lay on the flour and feet on the 30 minutes. but this is only for a little while might have to see drs. hugs. and keep up the good works.

by lbrow 07 Oct 2014

Heather, shrinking tumors is wonderful news. Prayer truly changes things. Heed the other cutes and see a Dr. about the swelling, there is a reason, and it needs to be addressed. will continue to keep you in my prayers/Lillian

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toet by toet 08 Oct 2014

Thankyou Lillian, they are right up again today, went to my GP so tomorrow I have to have more scans hugs Heather

by lidiad 06 Oct 2014

Good news, Heather. You have received good advice for your swollen feet and I wish you well.
Hugs, Lidia

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toet by toet 08 Oct 2014

Thankyou Lidia

by sdrise 05 Oct 2014

Good news!! Prayers are with you!! Suzanne

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toet by toet 08 Oct 2014

Thankyou Suzanne

by meganne 04 Oct 2014

Heather I am so glad to hear your great news, you must be feeling pretty thrilled with the treatment so far and the future is looking promising.
As for your swollen feet, I have suffered with that affliction for about 20 years and I'm sorry to say that no amount of fluid tablets or other drugs have helped and I have tried just about every other remedy all to no avail.
Some days the swelling is so bad that I swear the skin will burst and the accompanying pain is horrendous.
I have found that drinking soft drink seems to make it worse, also if I am sitting for any great length of time, so conversely, keeping active seems to prevent it from getting really bad. Hosing my legs and feet down with cold water helps alleviate the swelling when it is really bad.
My ankles and legs are always back to normal size after a good night's sleep, but only for about an hour before the swelling starts again.
I'm sorry I don't have any better news or suggestions for you but for one, if you don't like taking manufactured chemical prescription fluid tablets you can buy Cenovis Celery Tablets, which are a more natural way to help eliminate excess fluid.
I do suggest you see a Cardiovascular Specialist to check for possible Valve failures which causes the blood, which is supposed to be pumped back up to the heart, to leak back down the legs and can be a cause for swelling. I hope I have explained it correctly.
I have three valve failures in one leg and two in the other and I am supposed to have surgery on them but decided against it, for now. I could get relief by wearing those surgical support stockings but they hurt my hands too much trying to get them on and then the cancer medication causes me to overheat easily so wearing stockings of any kind is unbearable.
I do hope you find something that helps alleviate your problem and if you do I would love to hear from you. Hugs and love, Meganne

toet by toet 08 Oct 2014

The fluid pills have not worked and my feet are so swollen. Tomorrow I will be having more scans. I think that I will start glowing in the dark soon as I have had so many in the last year. hugs and cuddles Heather 8.10.14

meganne by meganne 09 Oct 2014

Yes as I suspected, so sorry Heather. Try the cold water soak or hose down (from foot to knee) and try to sit with your feet elevated for a half hour at a time during the day.
Oh, and that should have been Vascular Specialist (not specifically CARDIO Vascular) Big hugs, Meg

by airyfairy 04 Oct 2014

Heather you are an inspiration to us all. Keep those feet up. Hugs Sarah

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toet by toet 04 Oct 2014

Thankyou Sarah, the doctor gave me fluid pills, said they should work well.

by maleah 04 Oct 2014

Sorry to hear about ankles. The TED hose are great. But, the main thing is to try to keep your feet elevated, watch the salt intake. Have you tried drinking water with lemon juice? It pulls the toxins out of your system. Prayers are sent your way.

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toet by toet 04 Oct 2014

Thankyou I shall ask the chemist,hugs

by pacmp 04 Oct 2014

The support hose that a few have mentioned are called TED hose and can be knee high or thigh high and are compression hose to help return blood flow. I found my knee highs for under $20 and wear them any time I am going to be up for any length of time and when sitting I always elevate my feet. Worth getting as they help immensely. After the doctor checks you out to make sure there is not something more serous causing the swelling then would also suggest adding the TED hose to your wardrobe along with all the advice of getting your legs elevated every hour or so throughout your day whenever possible. Good Luck and great news that the tumors are shrinking.

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toet by toet 04 Oct 2014

They sound like the ones you were on plains, I will get some. thankyou

by pennifold 04 Oct 2014

Dear Heather, I'm so pleased to read that your tumours have shrunk. I agree with all the other girls check out the swelling with your doctor. I do hope that it will be settled by the end of the weekend. God bless you and we'll keep on praying for you. Love Chris

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toet by toet 04 Oct 2014

Oh Chris I am so stocked, I really needed to hear some good news the last couple of months have been very hard. The doctor gave me seven fluid pills. Apparently they start working strait away. And a big thankyou for the guineapig patterns, they will look supper. hugs Heather

by shuede 03 Oct 2014

I am so happy to read this thread that your tumors have shrunk! My best friend has been having chemo, and she also has edema as a result. She has been prescribed a "water pill" to reduce swelling and special socks and was instructed to elevate her legs as much as possible. Stay strong! Hugs - Denise

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toet by toet 04 Oct 2014

Today I was very naughty, tidying up the garden, I just can not help myself. Denise I wish your friend all the best, their are so many people with this dreadful cancer. thankyou Heather

by noah 03 Oct 2014

We will keep praying .Have a sit down and put your feet up higher then your heart okHugs Carolyn

graceandham by graceandham 03 Oct 2014

For at least 30 minutes, so they drain of all that extra blood! I'm praying, too.

toet by toet 04 Oct 2014

Thankyou Carolyn

by 02kar Moderator 03 Oct 2014

Wonderful news on the tumors. I hope you keep making progress. I am so glad you are seeking medical care about the swelling in your feet and now your legs. Kepp us informed on how you are doing.

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toet by toet 04 Oct 2014

Thankyou so much

by dragonflyer 03 Oct 2014

Such great news...hope your feet are back to normal soon, too...

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toet by toet 04 Oct 2014

Thankyou, It is properly my fault

by susiesembroidery 03 Oct 2014

Dear Heather, I pray that you will get completely cured of cancer. Be strong, take care of yourself and try to eat well and balanced meals. Being busy help to keep the mind of the upsetting news and dwelling on the illness. Hugs and flowers, from Susie in Durban, South Africa. When you stand for long times your feet will swell more, so try to put them up for 10 minutes every hour or so.

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toet by toet 04 Oct 2014

Thankyou it means so much to me that you care.hugs

by aleene 03 Oct 2014

So happy to hear your tumors have shrunk!

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toet by toet 04 Oct 2014


by cfidl 03 Oct 2014

I am so happy to hear your good news. Best wishes on your complete recovery! Now that I've read others comments, I am concerned about your feet. Keep in touch and keep your feet up!

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toet by toet 04 Oct 2014


by gerryb 03 Oct 2014

Heather, if your legs are also swollen, please get to that doctor asap. Something is blocking the blood return. I wear a support stocking one ONE leg...the other doesn't swell! I look funny, but those things cost a lot! It has helped a whole lot. Let us know what the doctor says.

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toet by toet 04 Oct 2014

thankyou, the chemist has put in an order for me

by jrob Moderator 03 Oct 2014

Heather, what wonderful news that your tumors are down to only traces. I do the same as rescuer.....feet up higher than your heart, but definitely do call your doctors office.

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toet by toet 03 Oct 2014

Thankyou, I will go to the doctors as soon as I can get in tomorrow. hugs Heather

by rescuer Moderator 03 Oct 2014

I am so glad the tumors are getting smaller. I would ask a doctor about your feet before doing anything rash. It might be something they need to look into. I can tell you how I reduce swelling in my feet and legs -- 20 minutes on the floor on my back with my legs bent and lower legs/feet on the couch. Several times a day will reduce swelling for most people. However, swelling like that can be a sign of a medical issue that needs treatment. Please call your doctor.
My prayers continue for you!

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toet by toet 03 Oct 2014

Yes you are so right, Tomorrow I will go to the doctor's, my legs are swollen now as well. I will let you know how I get on. cheers Heather