by pldc ( edited 02 Oct 2014 ) 02 Oct 2014

while travelling on vacation last week I was able to crochet a few more wash cloths for my Christmas gift Baskets. I was also able to find really nice spreading knives to go with them so the gift baskets are coming along quite nicely. so along with the preserves they will each receive a spreader knife & a washcloth . Any other ideas on what I can add to the baskets? I will be adding a fsl Christmas ornament to each basket as well but after that I have no more ideas of what to add so any suggestions are welcome......maybe a bowl for the squash soup?


by loosie 03 Oct 2014

Love it! How about gingerbread cookies? Shortbread?
Homemade jam, if you have any? Oven mitts or pot holders?
Can of mixed nuts?

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pldc by pldc 04 Oct 2014

I like the gingerbread cookies I have made the preserves already so quite a few jams & a couple of soups thanks Loosie, ~hugs~

by worthy edited 03 Oct 2014

Great job on the crochet, and sound like you have enough ideas but how about some spice tea mix or hot choc mix (the kind you make yourself and put in one of those cute half pint canning jars.

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pldc by pldc 03 Oct 2014

that is another good idea thanks!~hugs~

by lbrow 03 Oct 2014

Youve been given some excellent ideas. how about a spice of some sort/Lillian

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pldc by pldc 03 Oct 2014

mmm that is another good idea thanks so much. ~hugs~

by bevintex 02 Oct 2014

hot chocolate,candy canes,peppermints or packets of hot cider drink mix

pldc by pldc 03 Oct 2014

these all sound yummy, thanks Bev. ~hugs~

noah by noah 03 Oct 2014

oh yes and some might like licorice???

by christracey 02 Oct 2014

Maybe add some shortbread biscuits or chocolates. Everyone loves chocolate, well most do. Are there any kind of biscuits/cookies that are nice to put your jam on? perhaps some of these. Or a box of special flavoured tea?

I think your baskets will be overflowing with everyone's ideas.

pldc by pldc 03 Oct 2014

well I was thinking about homemade bread? I like the idea of a box of tea that sounds just about right! thanks ~hugs~

bevintex by bevintex 03 Oct 2014

what kind of basket do you use for this project?

by sewilso 02 Oct 2014

Do you have spare canned goodies you did this summer, like a jar of jam for a special person or family?

pldc by pldc 02 Oct 2014

Yes indeed that is the beginning of the gift baskets. I thought since there will be jams the knives would be good spreaders.......... the wash cloths to wipe up after having this snack with jams lol

sewilso by sewilso 02 Oct 2014

You are so thoughtful, they will be lucky to get such a gift! Yummy!

pldc by pldc 02 Oct 2014

this is my first time making an edible gift basket so I hope they like everything in it..

by bevintex edited 02 Oct 2014

jar of honey and some granola, maybe add some fresh fruit at the last minute

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pldc by pldc 02 Oct 2014

I was thinking maybe fruit too thanks Bev. ~hugs~

by noah 02 Oct 2014

Well you need a C/ms towel of course and some home made c/mas CAKE that's always yummmmyyy:)::)And some red and white jujubes to make it colorful and don't forget the men always love a can of cashew .
Well ****have you heard enough???hugs

bevintex by bevintex 02 Oct 2014

fruitcake,you either love it or you hate it but gingerbread is always good

pldc by pldc 02 Oct 2014

yeh gingerbread that is a good idea! I hope that I remember that one! No nuts too many allergies. A towel is always a good idea so yup have to add that one & maybe a mugrug too

lbrow by lbrow 03 Oct 2014

How about gingerbread cookies, all decorated for christmas, a ginger boy and girl/

noah by noah 03 Oct 2014

oh that will be fun doing those cookies think i will pop over hugs

by sonjapotgieter 02 Oct 2014


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pldc by pldc 02 Oct 2014

thank you Sonja, ~hugs~