by DJH 02 Oct 2014

Custom Digitizing?

I would like to have the design (little birds on branch with hearts) in this picture digitized in pes format (4x4). Could one of you Cuties direct me to a reliable person/company to do this?


by awesome1 02 Oct 2014 has free--2 little birds on a branch, you can add the hearts yourself. Go to the link and scroll down to see the towels with the design. Then search for the page they are offered "link" for free (page #'s at bottom). I just remembered seeing them the other day.

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DJH by DJH 02 Oct 2014

Those are cute, and thanks, but I really want these exact birds since they are on DD's wedding favors. I've found other similar ones, too.

by rescuer Moderator 02 Oct 2014

I would think it would violate copyright to digitize this unless you could get permission from the original artist. Any reputable digitizer would require permissions from the artist prior to doing the design for you.

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DJH by DJH 02 Oct 2014

I had thought about copyright infringement and wondered if it would be a problem. I would have no way to contact the artist as this was printed on the wedding favors at DD's wedding in Germany. I just wanted it to make her an anniversary card or something. I suppose I'll just hand embroidery something.