by olds 28 Sep 2014

I have downloaded a design from Sick for the bottom of a biscornu today. I had gotten one earlier for what must be the top. I haven't been able to get instructions on how to put together. I see that the instructions come with the set if you buy. It looks like several are getting ready to be freebies. I would appreciate any advice. Olds/Maureen


by sewtired 01 Oct 2014

The website has instructions for many of the sets online, but I could not find them for this set, so I sent a support ticket to ask. They sent me an instruction pdf with the reply. Hopefully they will post them soon. I don't know if it's legal for me to send them to you, but you could ask for them yourself. It's really easy to send a support ticket.

by cherylgauteng 29 Sep 2014

You can also use any square quilt embroideries. Reduce in size if you can (or make a bigger one ! ) and also try to put a border around the embroidery - makes it easier and more effective. It looks great if there is a gap in the middle for the button. I have done this and it looks really good.

by 02kar Moderator 29 Sep 2014

Have a wonderful trip to Savannah and Mobile. I hope our weather is nice for your stay.

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olds by olds 29 Sep 2014

Karen I live in Mobile. Are you in the Crestview area? I know you moved back to Fla. Our weather is similar. Had a real cold winter last year and I had no hair. I have about 2 inches now. I had chemo and radiation and I must say God has been good to me. Mammogram taken July 30 shown no cancer. olds/Maureen

by dididwiar 29 Sep 2014

Thank you so much for posting this. Doesn't this just show AGAIN just how wonderful the people on this Fabulous site are. Look at all the help. You are ALL awsome people. Thank you so very much!!! xx

by mops Moderator 29 Sep 2014

I made quite a few, here's a design I made plus instructions.

by vickiannette 28 Sep 2014

I have made a few biscornus. the word means "odd shaped pillow" . So once you have your embroidered squares, turn the edge in about 1 quarter of an inch. Take the corner of one square and pin it to the centre of one side of the other. Using a 'whip stitch' or similar, proceed to sew by hand. when you reach the corner, do a few stitches in the one hole and turn your work and keep sewing till you get almost back to where you began. Leave a hole, stuff it. sew hole up. Then sew a button in the centre, pull tight.

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vickiannette by vickiannette 28 Sep 2014

important bit I forgot. You must have the 'right sides' out wards, because you do not turn it inside out after you stitch it together. You can use a nice decorative thread, fairly thick.

by maggiecal 28 Sep 2014

You make your two squares, then sew together leaving an opening and stuff. Don't think that shape can be sewn together ITH. Here's a good picture tutorial using hand stitching, if you're comfortable with your sewing machine it can be done there as well. http://rainburstembroidery.blogsp... There ae also a couple of YouTube videos (I haven't watched them) AND

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olds by olds 28 Sep 2014

Thank you. I'll watch the tutorial tomorrow. I'm off to bed now. olds/Maureen

by jrob Moderator 28 Sep 2014

Here is a tutorial.

olds by olds 28 Sep 2014

Oh, thank you so much. I printed out the instructions and I hope to try to do one tomorrow. I have long admired them. I have 2 tops from sick and today I got a bottom. They have a few in their line up of freebies. I'm going on a mini vacation Oct 19 to Savannah. For 4 days there and 2 days traveling to and from Mobile. I think you are from Georgia. Thanks again. olds/Maureen

jrob by jrob 29 Sep 2014

I am in North Georgia, about 5 hours from Savannah, but it is a beautiful old city. I love going there. Have fun!!!