by free3wil 25 Sep 2014

what kind of stabilizer do you use when making an intricate redwork (linework) design? I used tearaway, but it took forever to get all the stabilizer removed. Any quick suggestions?


by AuntAnnie 25 Sep 2014

I also prefer to use wss on red work designs. Also use it on sheer fabrics like tea towels where tear away would be too heavy and remaining cut-away would be visible on the front.

by pennyhal2 25 Sep 2014

I use vilene too. If I think the stitches may get lost in the weave of the fabric, I put a sheet of vilene for a topper too. It keeps the stitches on top of the fabric.

by lique 25 Sep 2014

I have inherited masses of old bed sheets. They make wonderful stabilisers!

graceandham by graceandham 25 Sep 2014

Oh, that's cheating, isn't it? Wow! Would never have tried that!

lique by lique 26 Sep 2014

I like to cheat if it suits me!

by pcteddyb 25 Sep 2014

Vilene - which is a fabric like wash-away.

by gerryb 25 Sep 2014

Tear away is usually too hard on the stitches in redwork. the fiber like wash away is safer. Just have to soak it to get it all out if you want it to be "soft" afterwards. You can always used 2 layers of it if you think it needs it. Good luck!

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graceandham by graceandham 25 Sep 2014

Like, over 10,000 stitches.

by turtleowl 25 Sep 2014

I made curtains using fibrous washaway stabilizer with an Urban Threads thistle design and they came out looking wonderful.