by toet 24 Sep 2014

Boo hoo both my embroidery machines are being very naughty. Next week I will take them to the machine doctor in Rockhampton, It sounds like I cannot get parts for my Hus D2. Would love to have a new machine, but I am very attached to mine. hugs Heather


by Patricia109 29 Sep 2014

Toet, hope your fellow is as good as mine. My sewing machine is a Hus and it is out of date, but he fixed it..
Have a good look at the latest Brother machine if you have to buy a new one if it cannot be fixed. I was a snob at wouldn't look at them, but it was the way people were using the designs that was the problem, not the machine.
Good luck.

by cfidl 27 Sep 2014

I totally understand. I have a D1 and it needs to go into the shop. I know Husqvarna is not supporting them anymore.

by jrob Moderator 26 Sep 2014

Heather, I'm sorry you are having problems. I hope you can find the parts you need to fix your baby. Someone posted on here months back about a place online that you could find parts, but I'm not going to be any help with you in remembering that and not the link. So Sorry. Maybe someone will come along with a better memory.

by katydid 25 Sep 2014

Oh sweetie , hope you get it fixed . Mine gave me a problem also today. Hopefully, I have saved the design , but it may become another oops! Kay

by graceandham 25 Sep 2014

It's worse than having misbehaving children!

by 02kar Moderator 24 Sep 2014

It's so hard when our machines become sick. We fuss over them and worry. I hope you are able to be up and stitching again soon. I know how hard it is to see that empty space in your room. How is your health doing?

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toet by toet 24 Sep 2014

I am mostly ok ,tomorrow I have scans, it is I always a worrying time getting the results a couple of days later. My machine gives me something else to focus on, so I shall have to keep busy till Tuesday. Hopefully the cancer has stabilized. As you know you can live with cancer if it stops moving. This weekend is my step daughter's birthday, seeing the grandchildren is always special. I hope everything is running well with your family, hugs and cuddles

by pennifold 24 Sep 2014

Hi Heather, so sorry your babies are not behaving! I've got the Designer 1 and have had 2 new motherboards and new glass front panel and numerous things fixed as I won't give it up either. It was made in Switzerland too, not China and is worth its weight in gold. Love Chris

toet by toet 24 Sep 2014

My friend that sold her baby to me to buy a new machine, bought another second hand one as she missed it . Unfortunately it didn't have all the hoops that she gave me. When I have sleepless nights I make my way to the sewing room and sew. Last night I made a heap of tissue cases to add to Christmas gifts for all the ladies and girls . My machine is made in Switzerland, hopefully it is not the motherboard as the repair has voiced. Maybe I can put a call out on cute for a motherboard. big hugs and cuddles Heather

katydid by katydid 25 Sep 2014

Which machine do you own?

by lolly3 24 Sep 2014

hi heather, yes I am too attached to my designer 2 so much so that I bought another d2 from my sewing machine shop. it might not have all the bells and whistles that the new embroidery machines have, but it is a great machine all the same. hope your machine can be fixed good luck. regards Lorraine mcneill from woodcroft in south australia

toet by toet 24 Sep 2014

Hi Lorraine, Thankyou and welcome to cute, I have found the support that the cute family has given me with my health and embroidery has been so inspiring. It must be getting hot in your area now, hopefully you don't have any fires this season. Hugs from Heather Mackay Queensland

lolly3 by lolly3 25 Sep 2014

Hi Heather, thankyou for your reply comment. I would love to say that the weather hear in Sth Aust is getting warmer, but it is like we are in a time warp it is very cold today, but it is supposed to be 29c on Saturday. How is the weather in Mackay today, we are hoping to be moving up to the Atherton Tableslands in Queensland very soon. Would love to hear from you again, let me know how your D2 went in the work shop, hope you were able to have it fixed Kind Regards Lorraine McNeill of Woodcroft South Australia

pennifold by pennifold 26 Sep 2014

Lorraine, we have a lot of Queensland Cuties and I'm hoping some of them will see this post and welcome you to that great state. Why are you moving from South Australia? Love Chris