by basketkase 22 Sep 2014

This is just a frustration rant!!!! I totally ruined a customer jacket today......thank heavens Walmart carries them and Jim is going to pick one up on the way was a 3XL full zip hoodie and when I went to put the logo on the back of it I made sure all underneath fabric was clear of the hoop & arm......well, while the machine was traveling side to side (it is a full back design), unbeknownst to me, it caught the front of the jacket in 3 spots and of course once I got it off the machine the hoop was sewn into the jacket...GGGRRRR! It took me an hour to get it free from the hoop and I was being so careful, I almost saved it, but the last place I got a teeny tiny hole, so am going to remove all the logo and Jim has a new knock around the house jacket........I am still not driving due to my leg, so it really made me upset to have to call Jim to pick one up for me, otherwise I would have gone to get one........sigh!!!


by sewilso 30 Sep 2014

I think we've all been there, so frustrating for certain!

by mary51 30 Sep 2014

You are not alone! I know how you feel Very lucky you found another one

by hightechgrammy 28 Sep 2014

Oh Vicki, I just hate when that happens - grrrrrrrrrrr. And the only one to blame is myself, especially if it really isn't the machine. Don't be too hard on yourself, though. Give yourself a break !

by lbrow 23 Sep 2014

Know how you feel, I don't think there's any of us who have been at this a long time that doesn't have a tale to tell of a ruined item we have had. Mine seems to come in waves. /Lillian

by susiesembroidery 23 Sep 2014

I understand what you are going through! I think there is not one embroiderer who has not had a similar mishap like this one. All the best and good luck with the next one.

by clawton 23 Sep 2014

Sorry to hear about your emb problem. I think we all fear about doing that! Glad you were able to get another jacket.

by tiggy000 23 Sep 2014

I feel your pain. After such an accident myself, I now won't take in garments. I will make patches if they want.

by bevintex 23 Sep 2014

Aren't you glad that is now behind you. Today is a new day ,think positive and only good things will happen. It happens to all of us but the worst part is my projects never mess up until I am almost done, Can't tell you how many do-overs I have done but it all ends well

bevintex by bevintex 23 Sep 2014

Just had a thought, I bet the kitties would like a 3XL hoodie to snooze on. Just remove the zip.

basketkase by basketkase 23 Sep 2014

LOL, know they would!!

by toogie 23 Sep 2014

That's why I am too nervous to take in items. I rather make them myself, that way if its ruined, I know I can make another. I may not know where they purchased to buy a replacement. You were lucky to be able to replace, but you probally won't make anything off this project.... Maybe, you are trying to hard to do for others, you need to recouperate, you've been through a lot with your back. Good advice I know, but sometimes hard for 'us' to slow down.-lol-Toogie

by sdrise 23 Sep 2014

I swear the machine waits until you step out of the room and Boom it gets into trouble. It has happened to almost all of us here . Rant all you want. Been there and done that too! I have the tee shirt to prove it....Suzanne

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osueo by osueo 23 Sep 2014

And sometimes it does it while I AM SITTING RIGHT THERE IN FRONT of it watching every stitch it makes//////

by mrskiki 23 Sep 2014

Why do those kind of things always happen as soon as you take your eyes off?!! Never happens while staring at the machine. Have done this a few times myself. And same as Marg, I don't usually do for outside family and close friends and even then must be something easy to replace. One year for Christmas, son bought his wife a pair of Lucky jeans costing $100 for me to embroider down the side of the leg. Luckily (pun intended) they turned out great and she still wears them. Don't beat yourself up for this! Hugs. Nan W

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osueo by osueo 23 Sep 2014

I will NOT do anything for anyone else----most of the time---ONLY CLOSE FRIENDS from church----as long as they know UP FRONT AND RIGHT AWAY that if I think it will mess up my machine or if I mess up the item that I will NOT be responsible for it or replace it---I do it for FREE and only as a favor for them----I do most of my stuff for kids of friends at church and grandkids and my foot doctor who fixed both of my feet and both of my husband's feet--the doctor who saved his foot after a fall off a scaffold after a local hospital told him he would NEVER WALK AGAIN----I just finished several items for him for ROSH HOSHANAH---He LOVED them and expects something every time he sees us!!!!!!!! I am not Jewish but he is and I love to do things for his special Jewish holidays!!!!!!! God bless you!!

by marianb 23 Sep 2014

It's nice to see your only human! not so nice for the poor jacket. Rest up your leg till Jim gets home with the replacement.. Marian

by mranderson 23 Sep 2014

And this is why I only do emb for family and on things that I know I can replace IF something goes wrong. Much toooooooooooooo stressful for me. Hugs Marg

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osueo by osueo 23 Sep 2014

I agree with the stress thing. I get SO tired of people who say that I NEED to AND SHOULD do something for them because I am retired and HAVE LOTS OF TIME---I tell them to go to Walmart and get a Brother PE400---it is a great little machine and it sews and embroiders!!!!!!! Some get mad with my comment---but that is basically how I started----and READ CUTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

by spendlove Moderator 23 Sep 2014

That sounds a real nightmare. I'm glad you have an escape plan to keep your customer happy!

by mlbell70 23 Sep 2014

Oh, I hate that - there goes your profit

by airyfairy 23 Sep 2014

I feel your pain. The other day I got a t shirt so nearly ruined. Thank goodness I was watching.. Look after that leg of yours. Hugs Sarah

by osueo 22 Sep 2014

I have a single needle Brother 5x7----can't even imagine more than 1 needle to watch at a time---I left it once and went back and everything was jammed down---it took me about $300 and 3 repairpersons to FINALLY get it fixed RIGHT!!!!!! Now I watch EVERY STITCH---It takes a long time to get something done. but if it messes up I catch it ALMOST instantly!!!!! Especially frustrating on FSLace projects when it birds nests several times in an item that takes at least 60 minutes of actual stitching time----but I have a handy dandy birds nest tool set that is a lifesaver---the minute I think I am done with them and put it away-----OOPS there comes another birds nest---but I catch it right away---praying you feel better and as we say in The Commonwealth---God bless Y'All!!!!!!!!!

by noah 22 Sep 2014

You were meant to be resting .Their i said it but*****I know us:);)No rest for the ?????What shall i call us???Help lol
love ya:);0Carolyn

basketkase by basketkase 22 Sep 2014

I know it......Jim brought the 2nd one home and it is done without any hiccups.......I will think of something to call us other than "no rest for the weary"..LOL!

graceandham by graceandham 22 Sep 2014

No rest for the weary. The hopeless. The clueless. The overworked. The superachiever. The driven. Shall I go on?

noah by noah 22 Sep 2014

no we get it lol hugs

basketkase by basketkase 23 Sep 2014

Amen to that!!

by Leaha 22 Sep 2014

Oh say it isn't so!!!!! Thank heaven you aren't perfect! I was beginning to think there wasn't any hope for me as a relative beginner... That will teach ya to try and use one of them Thar fancy multineedle machines. ;_P If I had one of those, I'd be sewn up inside the hoops wearing the jacket and having the stitching as tatoos!!!! YEAH, now I have a chance!!!!! With all the items you produce if this is the only time you have had to do this Amen. Rant away! You were just suppose to be reminded that you are human like the rest of us poor souls! LOL :-)

basketkase by basketkase 22 Sep 2014

Oh, it is so, Leaha...OMG, I was so ticked at myself....and believe me, I am far from perfect...did you get a multi needle, Leaha?

Leaha by Leaha 22 Sep 2014

' If I had one of those, multi needle machines I'd be sewn up inside the hoops wearing the jacket and having the stitching as tatoos still attached to the machine....!!!! Not at this moment in time. Sewing only for me so am really doubtful I'd ever have one.

by dragonflyer 22 Sep 2014

Bummer...I feel your pain...embroidery pain...I can't imagine the leg pain...hope you get better soon!

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basketkase by basketkase 22 Sep 2014

I know Kim......I have never done this on a clients garment, oh well, now I can say that I have!! Am working on the leg!

by shirley124 22 Sep 2014

Best of luck with the next one. I have sewn the hoop into the fabric before today, but not a jacket. Shirley

basketkase by basketkase 22 Sep 2014

Thanks, Shirley, 2nd one is done and looks great, just like the first one should have!!

shirley124 by shirley124 23 Sep 2014

I am pleased it done and looks great.

by jrob Moderator 22 Sep 2014

Don't cha' just hate it when that happens!

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basketkase by basketkase 22 Sep 2014

You know it!!! I bet the look on my face was priceless when I went to unhoop and the stupid hoop stayed in the garment...LOL! Kodak moment!

by pennifold 22 Sep 2014

Yeah, I hear ya! Hope the new one works out well. Love Chris

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basketkase by basketkase 22 Sep 2014

Yep, success with the 2nd one.......I almost waited until tomorrow, but I couldn't stand not doing it, so I did.......

by cfidl 22 Sep 2014

it happens! Ya know?

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basketkase by basketkase 22 Sep 2014

I know, but why on a customer garment.....collateral damage, right!

by AllRaggedy 22 Sep 2014

I am so sorry to hear that this happened to you, but it is comforting to know that a professional like yourself (you have the most beautiful designs!) has whoops moments also-I thought it was only me! I hope that you are up and feeling better soon with your leg!

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basketkase by basketkase 22 Sep 2014

Thank you for the kind words and the leg has improved, just not great yet, so hopefully the next epidural on Wednesday will take care of it fully.......

by mops Moderator 22 Sep 2014

Chips, that hurts! After all the careful unpicking, what a waste of time and energy. And you can't even stamp your feet! I hope you'll feel a lot better when the new one has been successfully done. In the meantime, rant away, have a nice cuppa (or something much stronger) and do something you really enjoy!

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basketkase by basketkase 22 Sep 2014

You are so right, Martine........don't know what was worse, stitching the hoop in the garment or wasting all that tedious time taking the stitching out only to make a hole.......I really thought I was home free, you better believe I watched the 2nd one like a hawk!!