by bonnetgirl 17 Sep 2014

Well the day has come that we have all waited for....Our beautiful Riley Rae Cooper now weighs 4 lb 8 oz and after having her arm amputated, her eyes operated on and the last one taken 2 blockage out of her colan is now on her way home ....Thank you all so much for all the prayers said for our beautiful baby girl. I believe you all have taken part in her healing with your prayers. She is now on her way home. Praise God.


by sdrise 19 Sep 2014

What Joy to finally have her home.... She is a doll!! Suzanne

by jen15957 18 Sep 2014

Such Good News, Thank God She's Home and May The Lord Continue to Bless her with a Happy and Healthy Life.

by cfidl 18 Sep 2014

Great news! I am so happy for you all! God Bless!

by ctirish 18 Sep 2014

That is wonderful, she is beautiful... jane

by draco 18 Sep 2014

That is wonderful news. God bless her sweet and precious life. She is so beautiful !! Hugs.

by zoefzoef 18 Sep 2014

Wonderfull news !

by lbrow 18 Sep 2014

Oh what marvelous news to start my day off. Thank you Lord for answered prayers and for miracles. I hope you always keep us posted on her as she reaches ea. milestone. She is definitely part of this Cute family. I will continue to watch, pray and look for updates. /Lillian

by cherylgauteng 18 Sep 2014

So glad for everyone concerned - sure that she will blossom from here and surprise everyone - good for her. We all need these lessons/learning from little cute babies, they just surge ahead and surprise us all - lessons to be learnt from those smaller and ?braver...........

by kingmar 18 Sep 2014

She is your special kewpie doll, not to be put on a shelf, but to blossom and flower. So glad for you that she has made it to this point. Looking forward to updates.

by susiesembroidery 18 Sep 2014

Little Riley looks so fragile and I am so pleased for you and your family that she can go home. May God bless her and all her loved ones.

by anangel 18 Sep 2014

So happy for you all, and especially for sweet Riley! Her story is just beginning and will be a great one, indeed!! Through trials and diversity, she will teach lessons to all of us about strength and courage!! What a true blessing she will be to her family, friends, and everyone who gets to know her!! The Lord made her special and with a purpose!!
Hugs, Angel

by decojo 18 Sep 2014

Wonderful news! Beautiful Riley Rae will remain in our prayers.

by justsew 18 Sep 2014

She is beautiful, you are blessed to have her, she is a fighter all the way,
enjoy your time together at home.
Hugs Pam

by sewilso 18 Sep 2014

Bless her heart, she is so precious!!!

1 comment
sewdoctor by sewdoctor 18 Sep 2014

took the words right out of my mouth...Bless her little heart!

by grossfamilie 18 Sep 2014

Wishing her and her wonderful family all the best and every progress
on her development. Going home is the best treatment!
What a little beauty she is - Maria

by lilylyn 18 Sep 2014

How wonderful. Have been watching her progress I hope she grows bigger and stronger everyday. God bless her and her family. Lynx

by marianb 18 Sep 2014

What wonderful news!! So happy for you all, hope some smooth sailing from here..

by lucy1234 18 Sep 2014

So cute, best wishes to bub and family. May she thrive and be happy, she will certainly receive love and happiness. God bless you all

by 1ladyb 18 Sep 2014

Awwww how precious she is. Prayers for her to stay healthy and to thrive. Now you all can love as much as you want on her and we all know how that helps the little ones grow.
Best wishes.

by airyfairy 18 Sep 2014

What a moment for you all. My love and thoughts are with dear little Riley. May she grow from strength to strength.

by bonnetgirl 17 Sep 2014

It was indeed a wonderful story...born so little we didn't think she would make it. I came on here just begging everyone and anyone to pray for our little one. I was so scared for her and with each surgery I was so frighten. But I prayed like I never prayed before and I would ask everyone I met to please pray for our little one. I think she was prayed for in every country and state in the world. I do believe in prayer so kept on praying. God answered us. She is still only 4lb 8 ozs but so strong. Thank you, thank you thank you for all the prayers.
Now our little story has not ended but just began. Riley will go on to bigger and better things she is a fighter.

1 comment
sewdoctor by sewdoctor 18 Sep 2014

40 years ago, I gave birth to twin only lived 48 hours.......they weighed 3 lb 2 oz. the other one is a beautiful mother of 3....and can remember counting her age in hours...and then days. She too came home at 4-9. Riley sounds like a fighter, much like my Lisa....God Bless her and your family!

by pennifold 17 Sep 2014

What an absolute miracle! So pleased that Riley is now home, such a little fighter and so darn cute! May she bring joy, love and laughter to her parents and whomever she meets. God is good and our prayers are with her - thanks for sharing in her story so far. Love Chris

by 02kar Moderator 17 Sep 2014

What a wonderful and blessed day to know Riley has arrived home. My prayers will continue for her. I know from my great nephew's arrival home after his birth they will still be welcomed. Please continue to share her progress with us. She is a Cutie too both in being so darn cute and a member of the Cute family.

by graceandham 17 Sep 2014

She is darling. I love that little bow shaped smile. Looks like it wore her out, going home! I hope they get lots of really ordinary normal kind of days now! This is so exciting.

by basketkase 17 Sep 2014

What a precious little blessing she happy to see all prayers have been answered for this little one........

by jerrib 17 Sep 2014

How adorable and what a blessing. She is a survivor.

by rescuer Moderator 17 Sep 2014

She is adorable!
Just an idea for her in a car seat -- roll up some receiving blankets and place one on each side of her legs/sides to keep her from sliding sideways. This is what I did for my tiny babies.

by jeanfoz 17 Sep 2014

Aww Bless her little heart, xx

by clawton 17 Sep 2014

Wonderful news. Sure hope she continues to progress well. I'm sure parents are happy to have her home.

by Leaha 17 Sep 2014

Wonderful!!!!! Love the outfit, this little gal has a really special calling to do great thinks if she can over come all of this just being fresh baked. Good Job Miss Riley Rae.

by blueeyedblonde 17 Sep 2014

Great news! She is so gorgeous!

by aussiequilter 17 Sep 2014

fantastic news , I pray she will continue to have good health , and grow stonger every day ,Bless you Riley Rae

by devon 17 Sep 2014

WOW that is great news. Thank for the updates. Big hug for her!!!!!

by dragonflyer 17 Sep 2014

So very happy for you..she is a beautiful gift from God..may she grow stronger every day!

by gerryb 17 Sep 2014

How WONDERFUL! Welcome home, little princess!! I know the family is soooooo thrilled to have her home. Grow strong & let the world see what our God can do!!!Next time you hold her, steal a few kisses for me!! PTL!

by noah 17 Sep 2014

Oh my may our God be with you all hugs

by gerryvb 17 Sep 2014

Wonderful news: she's coming home. she is so precious and sweet. prayers will continue , she will get stronger day by day .

by dailylaundry 17 Sep 2014

Bless her heart - it will be so good for her to be home - may she continue to get stronger - she will continue to be in our prayers!! Hugs, Laura*

by crafter2243 Moderator 17 Sep 2014

I am glad she is on her way home. Continue to grow little one. We are all rooting for you.

by jrob Moderator 17 Sep 2014

She's so beautiful and I'm so happy she is getting to go home. Giving thanks for her healing and wellness.