by rgotter 15 Sep 2014

My son and I have discovered Geocaching and wanted something to put in the caches when we found them. Alfie McCoskey created this target design which can be found at and I created the rest of the wording and tag. My son loved the idea and we were able to place our first one yesterday.


by vickiannette 15 Sep 2014

nice idea. I love the idea of geocaching and though not registered I have found a few. Didn't take any thing of course.

by highlandermom 15 Sep 2014

Nice tag, cool idea. I am glad to now know there is something using head with cell phone besides selfies and looking silly in checkout lanes.

by decojo 15 Sep 2014

very nicely done!

by lilylady 15 Sep 2014

great idea, grandkids love geocaching! thanks!

by mops Moderator 15 Sep 2014

Wht a great idea. My 5 yr old granddaughter loves to go geocatching with her parents. So far they never asked me to make her something. I hope my daughter does not see this....

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rgotter by rgotter 15 Sep 2014

Too funny! You know it will happen eventually!

by noah 15 Sep 2014

i have no idea what it is but your sewing is nice now off to google it hehe

rgotter by rgotter 15 Sep 2014

If you see anyone wandering about with a phone or GPS in hand - looking under things in parks and the like - you are witnessing Geocaching in progress.

noah by noah 15 Sep 2014

yes i just read all about it ,thanks for thee education :):)hugs Carolyn

by bibee 15 Sep 2014

Thanks for sharing

by lbrow 15 Sep 2014

What pray tell is geocaching? That is a new word for me/Lillian

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rgotter by rgotter 15 Sep 2014

It is a GPS treasure hunt. People place containers of all sizes in places and log their coordinates so that others can find them. Some are very small and have just a log to sign and others have things in them that people can take and leave something. I like it because it gets my son away from the video games for a while.

by pldc 15 Sep 2014

very nice, ~hugs~