by mumzyfarm 12 Sep 2014

Here are some pictures outside my door.


by susiesembroidery 15 Sep 2014

It looks very peaceful and beautiful! Thank you for sharing you lovely photos with us.

by lbrow 14 Sep 2014

The peaceful life of the country, I'll take it anytime and that's what we have too. I love this , chickens and ducks meandering around. Do you gather their eggs?/Lillian

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mumzyfarm by mumzyfarm 23 Oct 2014

We are inundated with eggs I am thinking about selling them. I think I will call a church group and have them come and get some. I love living here, can't believe that we retired here always thought we would be on the west coast, Washington or Organ not south east Georgia.

by sdrise 14 Sep 2014

Wonderful view!!

by draco 14 Sep 2014

Awesome. This is great. I could get used to this view. Thank you for sharing.

by cfidl 14 Sep 2014


by Leaha 13 Sep 2014

Pure heaven. :-)

by noah 13 Sep 2014

love your pics thanks for showing us hugs

by blueeyedblonde 12 Sep 2014

nice views!

by jrob Moderator 12 Sep 2014

What a beautiful place to watch the wild and not so wild life. You have a lovely place.

by oaro 12 Sep 2014

beautiful peaceful place enjoy

by 02kar Moderator 12 Sep 2014

Wonderful views. My hubby is sitting on the porch making friends with the birds coming to the feeders as I type.

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mumzyfarm by mumzyfarm 23 Oct 2014

After being part of the military so many years this is so different I still want to call civil engineers to fix stuff now I have to call my son or grandson they are replacing civil engineers. Hugs Virdean

by sewilso 12 Sep 2014

Love the outdoors, very nice views!