by katmug 04 Sep 2014

Hello everyone !!! Hope you are having a Great day! :D I have a question and I'm hoping someone can help me out. There is a tooth fairy pillow (ith) the is being given away at Embroidery Garden Facebook page. Now I have downloaded it but I can only open the Girl FLower not either of the Girl or Boy tooth pillow monsters. It is SO CUTE but I am sad as to why I can not open the major patterns in the file. Did anyone else download it and/or have the same problem? I did comment on the fb page but I think I was over looked. :( I have purchased a few of the tea light cover sets and in one paticular set I wasn't able to open one of the covers. I had asked the owner of that site and she/he had said it was probably that I had and old Brother program. BUT I don't understand then why in this new Tooth Pillow monster set that I was able to download and open the flower part of the patterns and not the main (CUTE) part of the file. Does anyone have any bright ideas other than buy a bew program for my Brother 1500D machine. The programs are SOOOOO pricey. I only do machine embroidery as a hobby. I give people what I make as gifts so it's not a business thing for me. :D :D Have a GREAT day everyone. Sorry this is so winged.


by pcteddyb 05 Sep 2014

Have you tried to re-download the file from the site - save it to a different place on your computer and then unzip it again? And where do you get the error message - on your computer after you unzip or on your machine when you try to put it there to sew? And do you have the Wilcom conversion program (free)? It is possible your software is old and the version of PES from Reen is newer - the Wilcom will allow you to open it and convert it to an older version of PES.

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katmug by katmug 07 Sep 2014

Thanks pcteddyb . I did redownload and yes saved it in another spot on my pc . MORE than twice. Downloaded Wilcom but made no difference. Right clicked on everything and left clicked on everything too. I have tried many things.I can save the file and download it easily but when I go to open the file I can't see the monster girl or boy just the flower. So no I don't get to my embroidery machine with it at all. :( I'm about to give up. I just find it baffling as to why I can open one out of the three patterns in this file !!!???!!!??!!!??? Thanks for trying to help but maybe like I said to Kylasm , it's just not worth the hassle I'm going to . ???? Thanks anyway !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by kylasm 05 Sep 2014

Reen is very active in her FB group. You might try posting there rather than on her FB page. Even if she doesn't respond right away you'll probably have lots of ladies offering suggestions just as they do here on Cute. I tried to add a link in case you are not a member yet but it's giving me error message, the group is called: In the Hoop Machine Embroidery Designs

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katmug by katmug 07 Sep 2014

Thanks Kylasm. Thanks very much I might give that a try if I can work out the group. But Reen had been on her fb page and even posted twice after my post with once being not long after my message. I have re downloaded and then down loaded again at a different place on my pc. No luck. Thanks heaps for you suggestion but I might be about to give up. Maybe something is telling me it's not worth THAT much trouble. I even downloaded Wilcom and it makes no difference. I can open the flower part (which in the same file) but cannot open the boy monster or girl monster, :( THANKS again for trying to help me !!! :D

by aussiequilter 05 Sep 2014

worked fine for me, I hope you are able to work it our

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katmug by katmug 05 Sep 2014

Thanks Aussiequilter . Glad you got it ok. It may be my old , too basic a program that I have, :D Thanks for trying to help me!!!

by pennifold 05 Sep 2014

Dear Kathy, Kate, Kat!

I've just been on there and had no trouble either. I'm posting how I did it below. Good luck. Love Chris, Newcastle, Australia.
1. Click on SAVE LINK AS.
2. I've made any of my downloads go to the DOWNLOADS TAB on my computer.
3. Right click on the Tooth fairy link and choose OPEN WITH.
4. In my instance I open with WINDOWS EXPLORER.
5. All the file names are shown. In my case I use VP3.
6. Click on your format - you can see in the right hand frame the flower as I've clicked on VP3.
7. Boy Monster
8. Girl Monster.

I hope this will help you out and good luck, love and blessings Chris, Newcastle, Australia.

If you click twice on these pictures they will enlarge for you.

katmug by katmug 05 Sep 2014

Thank you Chris for your GREAT EFFORT !!!! I can and have no problem saving and opening right up to your point 7.So I don't get 7 or 8 (of your diagrams) when I try to open I get the message - Unexpected file format. I will keep trying until it frustrates me and then I'll give up. I don't give up easy but I may be beaten by this. Thanks HEAPS Chris !!! :D :D Kathy :D

katmug by katmug 05 Sep 2014

Thanks for trying to help me.

rescuer by rescuer 05 Sep 2014

This sounds like a corrupted file and you may need to re-download the design to fix the issue. The unexpected file format often indicates a corrupt file.
Good luck!

katmug by katmug 07 Sep 2014

Thanks Rescuer for letting me know about that message maybe being a corrupted file. I did redownload (more than once) and as I've written to Kylasm and pcteddyb I even downloaded Wilcom and that made no difference either. :( It wasn't meant to be. Thanks heaps anyway.

by 1ladyb 04 Sep 2014

I just downloaded and got everything in the file to make both boy and girl. Did you right click on the words? Then click on save as...I just said open in new window and got it all. You might want to try it again and see if it will work. Sometimes it just doesn't work right the first time.

katmug by katmug 04 Sep 2014

Thanks very much 1ladyb ! I right clicked on everything but I got the message 'unexpexted file' . I have tried many times. THANKS SO VERY MUCH for your comment . I'll keep trying other things and hope I can open the pillows. :D

katmug by katmug 05 Sep 2014

Thanks for trying to help me .