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by anssmile ( edited 03 Sep 2014 ) 03 Sep 2014


Please, I need your prayers.

We are moving again, to a cheaper apartment, and I need an apartment that is affordable but safe with big enough bedrooms so me, my parrot, my cat and all my embroidery and other equipment fit in a bedroom! And my son needs a study...

And I need shops within walking distance...

Our current apartment is extremely safe, and nice and spacious. It is, however, no longer affordable to us.

The previous apartment we stayed in, was affordable but extremely unsafe. We had 2 burglaries in our place 6 months apart, one while we were there. It was very scary!

So please Cuties, your prayers helped me to stay in our current apartment during the winter, but now we really need to move. Please pray for a suitable and safe apartment for us.

Thank you very much.
God bless.


by noah 05 Sep 2014

ok our cutie friend we will pray :);)hugs

by pldc 04 Sep 2014

I am happy that you are both safe & did not get hurt during the burglaries of your private living space............I will pray that you can find safe & affordable housing. Stay safe ~hugs~

by sdrise 04 Sep 2014

Prayer are with you hope yo find a safe afordable place to reside. Suzanne

by dragonflyer 04 Sep 2014

Wishing you luck and safety...

by 02kar Moderator 04 Sep 2014

Best wishes on quickly finding a safe place. You are on my prayer list.

by katydid 03 Sep 2014

Good luck!

by cfidl 03 Sep 2014

Best wishes on your finding the right place for your family.

by shilly 03 Sep 2014

Sorry to hear things are not working out, will definitely send prayers your the meantime, keep positive.