by wider57 28 Aug 2014

So, what do I do in my spare time when I'm not embroidering, quilting or surfing through Cuties to see all the wonderful projects everyone is working on? I decide to insulate our garage. We had to get our garage mud-jacked so I said, "Honey, this is the perfect time to insulate the garage." DH agreed, but he works all day, sooooooo, I tackled the project with my 19 yr old granddaughter. Took us 2 1/2 days to get all the insulation in, vapor barrier on and taping done, but I did it all without breaking a nail :-)


by marianb 29 Aug 2014

Congratulations on a job well done and who said a woman can't do a mans job (probably a man) and without breaking a nail Fantastic..

by noah 28 Aug 2014

YES WOMEN POWER!!!!I say this all the time when people tell me i should leave that job to a man.Now*** are you going to put up the dry wall next ??Or some other cheap wood to paint??I find cutting wood fun an the measuring is like sewing GO OR IT!!!!!hugs Carolyn

by jrob Moderator 28 Aug 2014

If you want a job done, and want it done right.......AND with perfectly manicured hands, call wider57!

by lbrow 28 Aug 2014

I'm glad someone else asked you what mud-jackied meant because i did not know either. congratulations especially in not breaking a nail.. It's amazing what we women can do if we need to. /Lillian

by graceandham 28 Aug 2014

Congrats on completing a tough job well. I once laid carpet (using the kicker) after a flood, and said, whatever the carpet man charges for installation isn't enough. I also wallpaper and paint, but am NOT goig to start on car repairs next!

by sewilso 28 Aug 2014

Your nails look great! I hope you had your gloves on, that is some pretty itchy stuff!

by cfidl 28 Aug 2014

I like your style!

by pldc 28 Aug 2014

Super job! We never know just what we can do until we do it then we amaze ourselves! ~hugs~

by juanitadenney 28 Aug 2014

I am impressed that you would tackle this and even more that you didn't break a single nail.

by toogie 28 Aug 2014

Well I am proud of you girls, but I bet hubby is too!

by 02kar Moderator 28 Aug 2014

Kudos to you for a huge job that is not only finished but well done. Miracle hands. I just managed to break 2 nails and all I am doing is getting ready for 10 to 15 people coming to the house.

by clawton 28 Aug 2014

May I ask, what is mud-jacked? Looks like you did a great job.

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wider57 by wider57 28 Aug 2014

Mud jacking is pumping a mud slurry deep under the concrete to lift the cement up and level it. Our garage had sunk about 6" over the years and we needed to get it back in place.

by Leaha 28 Aug 2014

Your hands are amazing! Oh btw so is the work you did! Great job both of you. :-P

by brendalea 28 Aug 2014

Great job, If you have bedrooms above your garage you might want to insulate the ceiling also, to keep your feet warm. (unless you live somewhere it is hot all year round. Our home wasn't insulated very well at all and we had to take down walls and insulate then re drywall. Was a job and a half. Have fun.

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wider57 by wider57 28 Aug 2014

Thanks. We have no rooms above the garage, just open storage. We will insulate the roof at a later date - but I will definitely hire someone to do that for me :-) We live in very cold western Canada and don't do a lot in our garage in the winter as it isn't heated. Have a wonderful day!

by draco 28 Aug 2014

Well done. That was a Huge job. Show how good we women are at just about anything we put our mind to. You both deserve a pat on the back. But I'll give you a hug from a distance.

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wider57 by wider57 28 Aug 2014

Thanks - I can usually do most things I put my mind to. I've had a lot of instruction from my father (he had 5 girls and 1 boy, so us girls learned a lot over the years).