by anssmile 28 Aug 2014


Just an update on my absence: I had a lot of Cuties missing me - thank you all!

I am currently working horrible hours 6 days a week, which leaves me with no energy to get on the internet after work.

I do try to read the Personal and Chat sections every week or so, and my prayers are with all of you who need it.

My son started to teach me web design once more, this time VERY advanced stuff, so hopefully I will be able to leave this job and do web design somewhere in the near future. This currently takes up all my free time. (He is a very strict teacher!)

A job doing web design will leave me time to visit my friends on Cute regularly! And digitize... And embroider...

I miss you all.

Best of luck.


by dragonflyer 28 Aug 2014

Good to hear from you...hope things go your way soon!

by shirley124 28 Aug 2014

Great to hear from you once more. Hope you will be able to digitize and embroider again soon. Hugs

by lidiad 28 Aug 2014

Thank you for the update! Best wishes and hugs,

by 02kar Moderator 28 Aug 2014

I hope you will be able to learn the advanced web design quickly and find a position to do web design. You are very much missed.

by pennifold 28 Aug 2014

So thrilled to 'hear' from you again. Miss you on here, love Chris