by arlene 27 Aug 2014

while i was embroidering on my babylock esante the alarm went off and stopped machine said thread might be caught. checked it was o.k. then when i tried to turn back on, says needle is down and when i hit this button hear a click in wheel.and wheel won't turn. has anyone had this trouble.


by Leaha 27 Aug 2014

You might also try turning the machine off and ' totally unplug' from the electric current, about 5 minutes this will allow the mother board to reset itself and possible correct the problem. Good Luck. :-)

by rescuer Moderator 27 Aug 2014

You may have a thread stuck in your wheel. If turning it off and leaving it for a while and then turning it back on again does not work... I would check your wheel for thread

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arlene by arlene 27 Aug 2014

thanks. wheel won't turn by hand at all. this is wheel on outside of wheel. i don't know how to take this off.

by asterixsew Moderator 27 Aug 2014

Hi Arlene, when I have had problems with my machine locking up I have turned it off at the mains and left it for a short while before turning on again. Good Luck and hope its easy to sort out

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arlene by arlene 27 Aug 2014