by babolucia 26 Aug 2014

Baby#2 is here!

Lia was born on July 4th, 2014 at 6:03 am. I had a wonderful midwife and the delivery was a great experience.

I haven't been active here since I got pregnant with Lia. She is a wonderful baby and she slept through the night last night. I will certainly be able to sew more once she has a good routine.

Here's some pictures of Lily and Lia. They are 2 years apart.

I will be back soon! I miss you all very much.


by mops Moderator 31 Aug 2014

I am sorry I did not see this earlier. Congratulations on the birth of your youngest daughter. Enjoy your lovely girls while you can, they grow up so fast.

by katydid 30 Aug 2014

Beautiful girls! Kay

by lidiad 30 Aug 2014

Congratulations, Lucia! Your girls are both adorable.
Hugs, Lidia

by babolucia 30 Aug 2014

Thank you all! Busy with the little ones and do not have time to thank each of you one by one!

by sewilso 27 Aug 2014

Precious little girls!!!!

by dragonflyer 27 Aug 2014

Beautiful girls...congratulations!

by marianb 27 Aug 2014

Congratulations a beautiful little girl!

by pacmp 27 Aug 2014

Welcome back! I hope that she will continue to sleep through the night for you! Oh the relief and joy when you realize you actually were able to sleep a whole night through! It is a good thing we do those routines early into adulthood, as I don't think I could survive those early years over again. Just do the best you can each day, focus on your little family. The chores and sewing will be there waiting for you when you eventually find the time for them, but children will grow up faster than you will even believe so treasure them continually.

by airyfairy 27 Aug 2014

Many congratulations on your beautiful baby.

by sewist1 26 Aug 2014

Beautiful children.

by graceandham 26 Aug 2014

Precious pics, especially #2 of your older child and #3 of the baby - she looks like a baby doll, such a pose!

by shirley124 26 Aug 2014

Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures. They are such cute little girls. Enjoy them while you can. They grow up so quickly. Hugs

by pennifold 26 Aug 2014

Congratulations Lucia, beautiful girls. Love the little one piece suits they have on. Take your time in coming back - childhood goes by so fast! Love Chris

by clawton 26 Aug 2014

They are adorable!

by grandmamek 26 Aug 2014

How sweet they both are. Such loveable little girls. It looks like Lily is fascinated by her baby sister. They both will give you many years of joy. Hugs, Mary

by cfidl 26 Aug 2014

You are so blessed! Your girls are very precious and you will have a very busy life!

by decojo 26 Aug 2014

Your precious daughters are beautiful! Love the outfits!

by jrob Moderator 26 Aug 2014

What beautiful little girls! We miss you, too, Lucia! Have fun with your pretty babies

by susiesembroidery 26 Aug 2014

Congratulations on your beautiful children! May they always be a great blessing to you.

by heleninca 26 Aug 2014

And did you make the cute matching outfits before pregnancy interfered.

by michemb 26 Aug 2014

You are blessed with two beautiful daughters, life is good

by buffy1 26 Aug 2014

both are very beautiful; congratulations

by gerryvb 26 Aug 2014

how lovely these two are, adorable. Congratulations!!

by Leaha 26 Aug 2014

Both are adorable, congrats on the newest living doll. The oldest looks like a wonderful helper and big sister. Enjoy :-)

by asterixsew Moderator 26 Aug 2014

Congratulations on the birth of your second daughter, what a sweetie. Enjoy your girls its fun being a mum

by draco 26 Aug 2014

Two Beautiful, precious children.

by toogie 26 Aug 2014

Two beautiful, little girls, how nice!

by pldc 26 Aug 2014

they are both beautiful! Congratulations I am very happy for you! ~hugs Loralye~

by lbrow 26 Aug 2014

She came on the USA's Independence day. She's beautiful and I love that you have dressed her as Lily I love those names Lia and Lily./Lillian

by sewemb 26 Aug 2014

Congratulations Matching outfits are adorable

by rescuer Moderator 26 Aug 2014

Very sweet pictures! You are very blessed!

by sdrise 26 Aug 2014

Congratulations and welcome back. what cuties!! Suzanne