by sorval 12 Aug 2014

hello cute family

i am home from the surgery
they have done the picc line in my right upper arm
they have bring me in deep sleep the only way to keep me there lol


by susiesembroidery 14 Aug 2014

Hugs, flowers and prayers are said for you. Take good care of yourself.

by sorval 14 Aug 2014

thank you all very much
hugs Sonja

by twee 14 Aug 2014

Hugs and prayers.

by noah 13 Aug 2014

Can someone explain this pic thing to me please ??I have never seen nor heard of it???Does it hurt badly??/oh boy so many questions

by lbrow 13 Aug 2014

Been thinking of you Sonja and praying God Bless!

by sorval 13 Aug 2014

thank you all very much
hugs Sonja

by cfidl 13 Aug 2014

So glad you are home, I visited your FB page yesterday and enjoyed seeing you babes.

by awesome1 13 Aug 2014

Our prayers brought you through this far. Miracles do happen. We all continue wishing the best outcome for you! Put yourself first for now and stay strong.

by airyfairy 13 Aug 2014

Please look after yourself and get well soon. Hugs Sarah

by sorval 13 Aug 2014

thank you all very much
hugs Sonja

pennifold by pennifold 13 Aug 2014

HI Sonja, so glad all went well. Just relax a bit now and gain some more strength. Prayers for healing and love. Love Chris

mops by mops 13 Aug 2014

Sonja, je bent al vroeg op! Fijn dat je thuis bent, laat je maar een paar dagen lekker verwennen zodat je zondag uitgerust aan je kuren kunt.

sorval by sorval 13 Aug 2014

hoi Martine
ja sinds ik weet wat er mis is slaap ik niet goed meer
en verwennen zit er niet bij
vrijdag morgen komt de thuiszorg al omdat die de picc line iedere week moeten kontroleren
hugs Sonja

by graceandham 12 Aug 2014

I forgot to tell you - I always tell a surgeon I'm an embroiderer and NEATNESS counts! Keeps those doctors in line! Glad this stage is done, now rest, eat, and on to the next thing. God bless. Your in-the-night friend.

by sdrise 12 Aug 2014

Prayers Are with you! Suzanne

by Leaha 12 Aug 2014

Prayers continuing, take care!

by gerryvb 12 Aug 2014

good to read you are home. Take good care , try to take rest.. hugs

by jrob Moderator 12 Aug 2014

Ouch. I hope it doesn't hurt. It was either put you to sleep or tie you down. lol
At least when they come and bring needles, you won't have to feel the stick every time. I pray that you do well.

by 02kar Moderator 12 Aug 2014

Owie! I'm glad you are finally home. Take care of that Pic line and be sure to rest.

by zoefzoef 12 Aug 2014

glad you're back home. Hope everything turns out right.

by myster60 12 Aug 2014

Hope all goes well with your treatments and that you can soon get back to doing your FSL!!!!! Myster60

by tilde01 12 Aug 2014

glad your home. Take care of yourself. Lots of rest and food.

by pacmp 12 Aug 2014

Thankfully they can do those PIC lines now as they will help your veins handle the medications you need. Huge hugs and prayers. Just focus on doing the best you can to help your body fight. Get the rest and nutrition your body needs and turn the rest over to Heavenly Father. One day at a time and if that is too much than just an hour at a time. Thank You for letting us know how you are doing. (((Hugs)))

by rescuer Moderator 12 Aug 2014

Hugs!!! Stay strong and know that sleep will help you heal -- get all you need.

by sorval 12 Aug 2014

my picc line

jema by jema 12 Aug 2014

Ouch! Good to hear you're safely home. Just be careful not to catch them on anything, Lovely colours though. God Bless, Joy

mjene by mjene 12 Aug 2014

glad you are home safe and sound. you are in my thoughts and prayers

shilly by shilly 12 Aug 2014

Never saw one like this before, careful not to catch it on anything, unless its food,hehehe. Glad to see you back...

rango by rango 12 Aug 2014

glad to hear things went okay for you today at the hospital and you are now home - at least you don't have to worry about needles now - it is much easier that way for you - hope to hear from you soon - take one day at a time -

lbrow by lbrow 13 Aug 2014

That sure beats being stuck with a needle everytime.