by lique 12 Aug 2014

A pattern of BFC creation.68cm wide.Has Taken quite a while to embroider. Each part is over 1hour and there are 25 parts. Came together quite nicely. Now what to do with it?


by crosses 13 Aug 2014

Beautiful work.

by marianb 13 Aug 2014

I also bought this design.. Yours is beautiful with the blues! guess I'll have to pull my finger out and sew mine.. not sure of colours yet..

by rachap 12 Aug 2014

It really does look like a stained glass window-beautiful. Maybe pretty under a clear glass plate??

by graceandham 12 Aug 2014

At my house, it would not go near any kitchen grease unless under glass. I would frame it and have it in the foyer for everyone to see!

by decojo 12 Aug 2014

Stunningly beautiful! Fantastic job!

by lbrow 12 Aug 2014

Wow you deserve kudos just for the undertaking of this massive project. Looks like a window from the Sistine Chapel. A beautiful piece of work

by n2sewin 12 Aug 2014

Can you tell us what fabric and stabilizer you used? I purchased a detailed design from Advanced Emb. and can't find the right combination of background to sew it on.

Ginny in Ft. Myers

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lique by lique 13 Aug 2014

I used a medium cut awy stabiliser and embroidered on black cotton. I backed each individual piece with black felt (in the hoop) before sewing it together

by joann1 12 Aug 2014

Beautiful, Anything you do with it well be great

by pldc 12 Aug 2014

wow absolutely beautiful! Frame it! ~hugs~

by clawton 12 Aug 2014

Beautiful! Looks like stained glass. It could be a table topper. It would be great framed for a wall hanging.

by pacmp 12 Aug 2014

Awesome! I'm sure you will figure out a special place to use this beautiful creation! (If not,.... I am sure there would be many cuties willing to take care of the difficult decision for you! ;) It is a treasure for sure!

by asterixsew Moderator 12 Aug 2014

Definitely a labour of love. Its stunning but I am laughing that you don't know what to do with it

by pennyhal2 12 Aug 2014

You must have a fantastic machine to do all that without a problem. It is stunning! How did you keep the threads in order? I'd probably get them all mixed up!

by sonjapotgieter 12 Aug 2014

It is Gorgeous!!!Love it..Well done

by dragonflyer 12 Aug 2014

Another beauty!

by lidiad 12 Aug 2014

Wow, love it! It would look great on a table or as a wallhanging.
Hugs, Lidia

by noah 12 Aug 2014

put it on your kitchen table if the colors match or a Christmas gift??It is very lovely:):)hugs

by 02kar Moderator 12 Aug 2014

I agree with Chris. I would love to see the light shining through it or at least behind it. How big is it?

by pennifold 12 Aug 2014

Outstanding - I'd have it hung up in front of a window so that it looks like a stained glass window. Love BFC designs, love Chris

by mops Moderator 12 Aug 2014

Wow, that's stunning!

by elemausi 12 Aug 2014

This is beautiful, looks like a church windows.
You could use it on a wallhanging.

by basketkase 12 Aug 2014

Just stunning!! I have a round breakfast table that this would look awesome on!!