by bonnetgirl 07 Aug 2014

Riley is doing so good now...3 lbs and getting bigger and stronger. Thanks for the prayers and keep them coming. I truly believe in prayers and I know God has heard each and every prayer you have lifted up for her.

Here is a new picture I got from family.


by 1ladyb 10 Aug 2014

Awwww aren't babies just the best!!! Praying for continued progress.

by lbrow 09 Aug 2014

Ahhhh My father is omnipotent and that you can't deny, A God of might and miracles 'tis written in the sky. Oh and this is His miracle. Prayers will continue as they go up blessings come down

by smcdonald 09 Aug 2014

I am a firm believer in prayer. Prayer saved me when I was four days old.
Praying for the precious gift you have. so sweet

by clawton 09 Aug 2014

So precious. Hope things continue to improve.

by devon 09 Aug 2014

so cute great news

by cfidl 08 Aug 2014

That is great news! Best wishes to the entire family!

by graceandham 07 Aug 2014

I'm looking at that adult thumbnail next to the little knee and then looking at my thumbnail. My, she's a tiny little package. Prayers to continue for healing from surgery and for lungs and heart to work properly and for her weight to increase so that she can thrive! Also, for down the future as she has challenges with five fingers - that day is coming, too! Can't wait to see her at her first Christmas!

by pldc 07 Aug 2014

what a beauty! We had twins in our family that were born each @ 1lb. the recovery was a long slow process but that was almost 40 years ago LOL technology has come along way & with the power of prayer all things are possible! ~hugs~

by sdrise 07 Aug 2014

Great news!! HOW PRECIOUS! Suzanne

by pennifold 07 Aug 2014

What an absolute miracle!!!!! Jerrilyn is right God is good - all the time!!! I pray that Riley will be covered with the prayers of all of us and let her know the presence of Him who sustains us. May she feel the tangible presence of and be covered in God's embracing wings of love and healing. Amen!

Love and blessings Chris, Newcastle, Australia.

by 02kar Moderator 07 Aug 2014

Riley is BEAUTIFUL! This from a great aunt of a 6 year old who was born weighing 1 pound 7 ounces and doing well. Keep growing Riley. You are loved.

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pennifold by pennifold 07 Aug 2014

Good morning Karen, just been thinking of you and Rob and hoping he is improving daily. It's 6.30am Friday morning here and going to be a gorgeous day, off to Meg's with Pauline and myself and our grand-daughter Aqualina for a sewing day!!!! Love Chri

by phi4 07 Aug 2014

Thinking of this little precious girl & praying.

by crafter2243 Moderator 07 Aug 2014

She is so precious and a little fighter. Prayers are with you little Riley.

by gerryb 07 Aug 2014

My goodness! You "grow" little girl!! Praying God's hand be over her! With her battles already, He surely has great plans for her life!!

by jeanfoz 07 Aug 2014

Bless her little heart, xx

by sewtired 07 Aug 2014

For such a small thing and even with all the attachments she looks remarkably well. Praying that she will continue making good progress. May God bless her and her family.

by zoefzoef 07 Aug 2014

wishing her all the best, and send prayers to her

by basketkase 07 Aug 2014

What a precious little baby......will continue to pray!!

by jrob Moderator 07 Aug 2014

Great news! So happy to hear this. Still praying for sweet Riley. God is good. I wanted to end there, but I have to add; all of the time.

by airyfairy 07 Aug 2014

Such a dear little thing. Hope her arm is healing well. Hugs Sarah