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by bonnetgirl ( edited 07 Aug 2014 ) 03 Aug 2014

Just letting you all know that my computer and then my external hard drive that I kept my designs on and that I have lost all my designs from here....I will miss them b ut will love to have the If anyone has any designs that were freebies on here and willing to share back with me I would love to have them. Thank you all so much.


by bonnetgirl 07 Aug 2014

I forgot about the sharing....that is ok when I remember who did what for me I will ask.
Thank you all for being so nice. One thing is for sure I could not ask for any nicer friends then my Cuties friends. God Bless you all.
Hugs Joann

by designgirl 05 Aug 2014

I lost all my designs on the external hard drive also. Thanks heavens I still had some on usb sticks and discs. Best way to save is on disc only I have found.

by hightechgrammy 04 Aug 2014

The Geek Squad at Best Buy was able to retrieve all of my files for me. It cost $300 but was worth every cent.

by basketkase 04 Aug 2014

So sorry, these designs are no longer available....hope you can take rescuer's advice and get your hard drive computer tech was able to restore my hard drive to a new one when my hard drive of luck.....

by susiesembroidery 04 Aug 2014

Sorry to hear - but I am sure some computer wizard will most probably be able to rescue you some designs. Good luck!

by rescuer Moderator 04 Aug 2014

Some designs will no longer be offered when the DBC returns. I do not have a list of those -- but if you are concerned about losing files...please contact a reputable computer repair shop to see if they can recover your files.
I know many times people think their files are lost when the computer will not turn on. Often, it is the other major components that are dead -- not the hard-drive. I have seen people trade-in their old computer -- when the only thing wrong with it is a bad power supply. The fix there would have been $30-$100 part and no loss of data.

by haleymax 03 Aug 2014

I do not believe that we can share designs.

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mops by mops 04 Aug 2014

No, we can't unless we are the one who digitised them.

by rescuer Moderator 03 Aug 2014

Even though you had the designs at one time -- it would be illegal for anyone to share them with you unless they digitized them themselves. I am sure you meant to say -- if they were the creator of the designs...

I wish you could bring your hard drive to me. I often recover most files. Have you taken the computer to a recovery technician? It used to be very expensive. Now, unless your disks (platters) crashed into each other -- the recovery is not too expensive.