by bonnetgirl 03 Aug 2014

Hello All,

I just stopped by to let you know that our little Riley is doing so much better thanks to your prayers. She has gone from1 lb 9 oz to 2 lbs 15 oz as of today. I talked to her Mommy a few minutes ago and she wanted me to thank all for their prayers. She is now off all tubes and breathing on her own but still has a feeding tube since she don't know how to suck a bottle. She has had her arm amputated and is doing good from that surgery. I have been very busy because of her and my John also got sick and still is. I have also lost all my files for embroidery due to a computer crash and also at same time my external hard drive where I kept my designs. I have learned my lesson. Will back up on more then one way. God bless all of you and keep up with the prayers. Here is the last picture I have had the night before her arm was amputated. The one she is smiling on is after her first bath...she must of like it. the other is the day of operation.


by toogie 07 Aug 2014

A future Cutie! Another pound or so and she'll be coming home! (Avery came home at 3lbs 14ozs and 2months old) Love her big flower headband !

by devon 06 Aug 2014

Happy to hear this. Still sending out prayers.

by anssmile 06 Aug 2014


I am so glad to hear she is better. My prayers are still with you all.

What a bummer to lose all your designs accumulated through the years - they will be irreplacable! Just thinking of that gives me palpitations.

I hope you remember some of the sites you bought designs from - a lot of sites keep customer history and you should be able to get those designs back. Best of luck with this huge job!


anssmile by anssmile 06 Aug 2014

Some techies are able to rescue files from corrupt hard drives - it might be worth your while to see if they can find your files? The only time everything is totally lost, is when you reformat that hard drive.

bonnetgirl by bonnetgirl 07 Aug 2014

I have taken it to computer man...he tried...I got 3 designs from it and they were the newest one I purchased. I am/have been to a lot of sites and downloaded them again and some are even sending me them. It is mostly the early one's. So far I have as far back as 2012.
thank you for your help

by gerryvb 05 Aug 2014

good to read little Riley is doing so much better and is breathing alone. It's lovely to see that laugh on her face. Sorry for all your trouble. Hope John will be better soon and your computer problems will be over soon too. Hugs for you:)

by gdsteliga 05 Aug 2014

Very special people receive very special gifts.
Sorry about your computer problems.

You are all in my prayers.
God bless

by mumzyfarm 04 Aug 2014

My prayers are still going out to that beautiful baby Hugs Virdean

by marianb 04 Aug 2014

Hoping this little miracle child continues to thrive, sending healing thoughts to both Riley and John.. keep your spirits up, hugs all round. Marian

by pennifold 04 Aug 2014

Dear Joann, prayers are being said for this beautiful little girl and her parents for endurance and faith. I'm so sorry to read that you have lost all your files too, I'm sure there are computer techies who can help you find some of the lost files. Good luck with it all. Love Chris

by manami 04 Aug 2014

Riley is in my thoughts and prayers. God bless this little baby! Love, Yoriko

by airyfairy 04 Aug 2014

Great news that this dear little girl is doing better. May she go from strength to strength. So sorry to hear about your computer problems. Hugs Sarah

by justonlyme 04 Aug 2014

I'm glad to hear that your little sweetie is doing well. Every milestone is big at this age, and important! How are her parents holding up?
You might try looking around a little bit more regarding your computer. If you don't turn it on and off repeatedly once it has crashed, then there is a chance that your files may at least be partially recoverable. My son has managed to recover files from completely fried computers. There are tools out there which will work for such instances. It is definitely worth a try. A lot of people won't charge unless they are able to do some sort of recovery. Best wishes, and prayers for your little angel, your family and YOU!!!

by crafter2243 Moderator 04 Aug 2014

What a great little fighter Riley is. I am so glad she is doing better. I am sorry that John has gotten sick and to hear about your computer crash. Good news is that you get a lot of your designs back.
I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

by cfidl 04 Aug 2014

God Bless you all! Riley is so beautiful!

by gerryb 03 Aug 2014

Praying for that little doll. And for her whole family. I'm so sorry you lost all your files. Hopefully more will be sent to you a second time. Please post pictures of Riley as she grows stronger & stronger!

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by Leaha edited 03 Aug 2014

Prayers continue for this little one. May she have angels watching over her and hold her in their gentle embrace. Bless all of you, hope life gets back to normal for you soon. Sorry about you computer and hard drive.

by rescuer Moderator 03 Aug 2014

My you be blessed! Prayers continue for your tiny miracle!

by jrob Moderator 03 Aug 2014

You have had a hard time lately. I hope things are changing for you and for the better. A good technician may be able to recover all or most of your files when you get the time and resources. God has been good to answer the prayers of many in Riley's behalf. She's such a beautiful little flowers. Sending her grandmother hugs! Jerrilyn

bonnetgirl by bonnetgirl 03 Aug 2014

I have already took to someone...the files are gone and the one's that are left are no good. Oh how I wish they were but thank you for your advise.

rescuer by rescuer 06 Aug 2014

I would get a second opinion on that. Let them know up front that you will not be buying anything from them -- you just want your files. I could see some of them missing...but not all unless you reformatted the drive.

by 02kar Moderator 03 Aug 2014

She is beautiful! You have had a tough time of it with Riley's condition and surgery, sickness and computer problems. I hope all goes well from now on. Please keep us updated on this beautiful child. Our prayers will continue.

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bonnetgirl by bonnetgirl 03 Aug 2014

I is hard to find some time for myself these days but will put some more pictures on as I get them. I am so grateful for all the prayers for this little one I have so little time to look for designs. A lot of people are sending me the one's I have purchased back but it is a lot of work to save them then unzip them all. I have at least 20 years of designs and now they are all gone. I have had some amazing designers send me them back so I am so grateful for that.