by christracey ( edited 01 Aug 2014 ) 31 Jul 2014

Here are a couple of things I've made for a baby shower that I'm going to on the W/E. The baby's nursery is Mickey Mouse themed although the baby's sex isn't known. I couldn't resist making the little newborn hats. The little blanket is made in the corner to corner style.

Here is the information on where I got the designs
the hats are from Repeat crafter me under crochet

the blanket is from Corner-to-corner throw (crochet)

Hope this helps anyone who is interested in them


by jrob Moderator 02 Aug 2014

That is one gorgeous throw!

by mops Moderator 02 Aug 2014

I had a close look at the picture of your blanket and tried it out. But now I see you posted a link. Well, I may have done it a bit different I love the start I made. The yarn is a mix of three very thin ones and need a 3.5 mm hook. I knitted a couple of blankets diagonally but the result was never quite square and I love that this crocheted one has a 90 degree angle. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

by anagha 02 Aug 2014

simply adorable...

by buffy1 01 Aug 2014

beautiful !

by christracey 01 Aug 2014

Thank you for you lovely comments. I have added the details on where the patterns can be obtained. I have given everyone flowers.

by greytgirl 31 Jul 2014

Lovely gifts for the new arrival! Would you please tell me where you got the pattern for the Mickey Mouse hat.

by justonlyme 31 Jul 2014

Now wouldn't it be perfect if the mom had twins so both hats could be worn? :) You did a beautiful job of your stitchery. I've never heard of the "corner to corner" method, which I'm guessing is crochet. But it is wonderful, regardless of what you call it. Is this method anything like setting quilt blocks on point, so the work is started from a point instead of a corner?

by Leaha 31 Jul 2014

Love the color of the blanket, the hats are also too cute for words. :-)

by arlene 31 Jul 2014

Beautiful blanket and hats are adorable.

by babash 31 Jul 2014

Fabulous gift. Well done.

by snowbird42 31 Jul 2014

A1 on all accounts....soozie

by clawton 31 Jul 2014

Very lovely. It look like one that I have done. If I remember correctly it is basically double crochet. By doing it on the diagonal you can pretty much make it any size you want. It works so well!

by jerrib 31 Jul 2014

The hats are adorable. I love the blanket, but have not heard of corner to corner. Is there a pattern for this one, its gorgeous.

by pldc 31 Jul 2014

wonderful on all counts Tracey! ~hugs~

by toogie 31 Jul 2014

Although the caps are adorable, (who can't resist Mickey?), I love the work of the blanket. It should be nice and warm this winter, since it is closely stitched. Love the color too. Very nice, makes me want to sit and crochet, but these hands don't want to cooperate sometimes. I am not familar with the method corner to corner style,can you explain?-Toogie

by noah 31 Jul 2014

one word "EXCELLENT"Hugs

by pennifold 31 Jul 2014

Beautiful Tracey - love the crocheted blanket. The hats are really cute too. Love Chris.

by lilylady 31 Jul 2014

these are sew cute and a beautiful blanket!

by graceandham 31 Jul 2014

Gorgeous textures in the blanket.

by decojo 31 Jul 2014

Absolutely adorable! Beautifully done!

by lidiad 31 Jul 2014

The hats are cute, but I love your blanket! Well done.
Hugs, Lidia

by shozo1271 31 Jul 2014

wow, ADORABLE!!! ***FLOWERS to all***

by sonjapotgieter 31 Jul 2014

So gorgeous..Well done

by marianb 31 Jul 2014

Beautiful work, they'll be a hit..

by lhart 31 Jul 2014

So Cute, what a beautiful gift!

by nonna57 31 Jul 2014

Tracey Beautiful blanket But i Just Love the caps :)

by piggirl 31 Jul 2014

Very nice ~ so sweet!

by aussiequilter 31 Jul 2014

Tracey are so sweet, you are so clever

by 02kar Moderator 31 Jul 2014

These items make a very nice gift. Well done

by mops Moderator 31 Jul 2014

So sweet!

by captainbj 31 Jul 2014

Adorable! I crochet and made a Minnie Hat for my granddaughter.