by satinsewer 26 Jul 2014

Has anyone with a Bernina Aurora 440QE and machine embroidery unit tried out the new free Artlink V7 Software on the Bernina site? You'll find It also suits other Bernina machine models too. It's wonderful especially as no dongle is required and no hiccups for me in installation. I'm finding it so much quicker to send a design to my machine than Artlink 6.....machine embroidery is back to being fun again....looks like a late night for me!


by fabricfairy 27 Jul 2014

I use artlink all the time for all my Bernina's , no dongle required and it transfer designs fast and easy and free.
In fact my son loaded it on to my computer for me and he is a Bernina Technician has been for 26 years loves his job .

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satinsewer by satinsewer 30 Jul 2014

It's so fun playing with our toys especially when they "Work" the first time! Lovely to hear from another happy Bernina stitcher....enjoy all your embroidery moments!

by airyfairy 27 Jul 2014

I have V6 for my Bernina. Please tell me what is the difference between V6 and V7. Always a bit nervous about DL in case it over rides my V6.
Thank you.

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satinsewer by satinsewer 30 Jul 2014

V6 is definitely off my computer as the V7 is the same but with a nicer feel for me especially when sending the designs to your machine from the device selection window....faster too. I've just downloaded V7 on to a brand new windows 8.1 computer with no other embroidery software and it "Works"!. Embird 2010 software was then installed and it "Works" too.....Happy Days!

by haleymax 26 Jul 2014

I have a bernina 630 and I'm always worried that something is going to happen to the dongle.

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satinsewer by satinsewer 30 Jul 2014

My Editor Lite 5 dongle is packed away and no more worry and frustration for my bernina 440. It's nice to have a choice.....especially a freebie that works to fulfill one's needs.

by pennyhal2 26 Jul 2014

I don't recall that a dongle was ever needed for Artlink. It's a little limited in what it can do.

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satinsewer by satinsewer 30 Jul 2014

You are right Artlink never needed a dongle. Artlink made it quicker for me to get to stitching instead of using Editor Lite 5 with dongle. Artlink isn't limited for what I need to do as I'm only sending my designs to my machine to enjoy embroidering the creative and talents of digitizers wonderful designs.