by anssmile 20 Jul 2014


I need your prayers for Tracy Therrien of Delightful Doodles. She is very ill in hospital and not doing well, and need surgeries.

I only saw that today, as my internet plays peek-a-boo with me. Now its here, now its not... It seems to be back again.

Her daughter Kelsey asked us to spread the word, as she does not know how to contact Delightful Doodles' non-Facebook customers.

They have a 72% off sale on at Delightful Doodles, and really need the money. So if you want to buy clipart or box templates, please visit the site.

The attached pictures are designs digitized using her clipart.


Best wishes


by cfidl 22 Jul 2014

Thanks for the info. You all are in my prayers today.

by lbrow 20 Jul 2014

Tracy will have my prayers Annaleise

by pennifold 20 Jul 2014

Dear Anneliese, I do hope you have solved all your computer/paypal issues.

I'm so sorry to read about Tracy's health issues and may I add her site is just beautiful. I gather these are only clipart designs and not machine embroidery designs!

I hope your work situation has improved too and that your son can find a new job. Love and blessings Chris

by elemausi 20 Jul 2014

Thank you for the info, hope she will get well soon.

by shilly 20 Jul 2014

I love those printable gift boxes, will defintely get some. Prayers added too.

by 02kar Moderator 20 Jul 2014

Thanks for sharing this info. My prayers are added.