by sandyqueen 18 Jul 2014

Could a member update us on Lenova and Dennis please. Concerned and praying for them.



by basketkase 19 Jul 2014

Thank you, SQ, for asking this.......I get so busy and wrapped up in my own issues I fail to ask about others, however they are always in my prayers........

by susiesembroidery 19 Jul 2014

I think of them both daily and pray that they will be getting well and that our Dear Lords takes care of their every need. Lots of love to them both and all our dear cuties who care so much about others.

by jrob Moderator 19 Jul 2014

Thank you Sandy for asking. They should know that we care deeply for them. I have them on my prayer list, too.

by lbrow 19 Jul 2014

It does this old heart so much good when I find Q.&A and comments like this. This is some of what has made Cute what it has always been, a loving caring group who really and truly CARE. This is what I call being a True Blue Cute and I'll always be proud to be named among you as a Cutie/ Machines can be replaced, Cuties when we lose them cannot be replaced. Dennis and Lenova are 2 special people, they are Q.T.s and we will keep praying for them as long as it's needed. Those of you who are praying Cutes , the first time you bring up Cute ea. day how about remembering to pray a simple "Lord bless ea. Cute today as it is needed" if you really feel that way. Many, many hugs I love you all/Lillian

jrob by jrob 19 Jul 2014

Miss Lill, that is a wonderful idea. I have a prayer list which for the most part are cute members and their needs that I have been made aware of. I made a pact with myself that once a year (around Thanksgiving) I will pray for each Cutie by name, but I will also use your suggestion daily.

Leaha by Leaha 20 Jul 2014

Ever since I joined I've been turning the people on this site over to the Lord's keeping just before I sleep and when I awaken. That way everyone is covered be it their day or night. It's just easier since I haven't a real list and am sure He knows their needs better than I ever could. it's a very humbling thing to pray for others and makes one forget, their own petty problems...some one may always be worse then me. Bless all of you, in whatever you need. Amen. Leaha

clawton by clawton 21 Jul 2014

That is a great suggestion!

by mumzyfarm 19 Jul 2014

Thank you so much. Hopefully Dennis will be back soon and I pray for Deb I miss her so much here on the site she has been here for a long time. I pray she can hold on for a while longer. Hugs Virdean

by gerryvb 19 Jul 2014

we sure miss them here. Prayers for both of them, and for all Cuties who need our prayers, concern and support

by airyfairy 19 Jul 2014

Thank you Chris and Caroline for finding out about our missing Cuties.

by Leaha 18 Jul 2014

Thank you for asking this as I was wondering also. :-}

by shirley124 18 Jul 2014

Thanks for asking after these 2 great Cuties. Will keep them both in my prayers. Shirley

by pennifold 18 Jul 2014

Hi Sandyqueen, I wrote to Sue and asked her to ring Dennis a few weeks ago. I'll quote what Sue said to me -

"Good news - I have heard from Dennis. He sends good wishes to all, but doesn't feel able to pop into Cute just yet. Sue"

We all just need to continue to pray for both of these lovely Cuties. Love Chris

Leaha by Leaha 18 Jul 2014

Thank you for sharing this, think of him every time I'm on and hoping soon to hear his voice. Prayers will continue. :-}

shirley124 by shirley124 18 Jul 2014

Thanks Chris for this information. I will continue to pray for Dennis. Have really missed him here on Cute. Love Shirley

crafter2243 by crafter2243 19 Jul 2014

Thanks Chris

gerryvb by gerryvb 19 Jul 2014

thank you Chris

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by asterixsew Moderator edited 18 Jul 2014

Dennis is still recovering. Toogie gave a update of Debra/Lenova recently. I sent her a card a few days ago

sandyqueen by sandyqueen 18 Jul 2014

Thank you so much. Miss both of them here.


shirley124 by shirley124 18 Jul 2014


Leaha by Leaha 18 Jul 2014

As long as we know he is doing better, that's great. Will continue to pray for both of them. :-}